I really love Eunhyuk in variety because he’s very witty and Hyun Joong because he’s enigmatically strange but very witty too just in a rather random and off the wall way which makes him so funny to watch. Shiku April 22, at 5: You May Also Like See more. Is the show always going to be overseas trips? Jadetaia April 22, at 6: Morning Forum Episode one year ago. M Countdown Episode 2 years ago. You guys are the best.

KHJ is so special, impressive and cute! Great, now they ALL might starve. You really think so?! Then they get hungry and Jong-shin votes that they spend the whole thing on food. I think its more like he adapted to the situation. I didn’t expect much from Shi-yoon, but the guy is adorable. Shi Yoon seems interesting. This definitely has potential.

But then… Shi-yoon looks down at his money, and his face freezes. Hyun Joong was really hilarious in that interview that I didnt care he got his 1 than. So we backtrack a little thank goodness to get our bearings and introduce the members to each other. Sorry KHj I mean. The Wonders Of Korea Episode 2 3 years ago. In any case, there were donations made for good causes while the show aired, which I personally think was a good thing as well. Enngsub tries to spin it: They leave the bus holding hands and guided up a sandy hill.

I suppose that once she feels comfortable with her castmates we’ll see her competitive side. I always check out any show that relates to VN. This, I’ve got to see! I love half the cast so i do want to watch it, but then this episode sounded liked a very mixed bag. Maybe it’s in Korea -I honestly always thought that he is underestimated in his own country I adore Yoon Shi-yoon so I’ll stick to it, also like the engskb participants, they all have vivid personalities to start with, i hope a couple of episodes will grow their relationship till they bcome a family dat I can root for.


I think he was more used to being with guys. Ivoire April 22, at 2: LOL April 23, at 8: But thanks for the recaps. What would they have done without him? Being in barefoog shows is not a step back. Kayt April 22, at 2: I also liked his bromance with Alex on the show, and the ways Alex helped him.

Oh, I’m definitely tuning into this for Yoon Shi-yoon. He had never been that close to a woman before and opened up the way he did with her, which explains why people shipped them so much: Jong-shin, on the other hand….

Master In The House Episode 58 2 hrs ago. I loved him already, but it was even better to see him just playing himself. Friendds gather in the center for a cheer, and Ho-dong instructs Hyun-joong to say something, but the barecoot gets so long and complicated that Eunhyuk finally yells: You know this already! The show kicks off by dropping four blindfolded members in the middle of a desert negsub so far so good?

KHJ is so special, impressive and cute! So is it safe then, to assume that “dong-gap” is the opposite bqrefoot “donsaeng” sp?

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Yoo Jae Suk isn’t in this show. They wngsub to Vietnam!!! It’s the whole going to an unknown land and just living and experiencing.

Dream Team Season 2 Episode 3 years ago. Min April 22, at 1: Please enter your username or email address. But I do wonder if this will friedns forever or it will change after he get another role and fantasized by it. I think I’m gonna watch this. D Very interested in seeing more yoon shi yoon and uee and i agree that they shouldn’t of been split up in the first episode.


This team is literally slack-jawed in disbelief. I love his 4D personality!

Jung Eun-jiBobby KimGummy. Wpisode show is interesting Iam nOt watching it yet just reading it not much interested yet To give it an hour or so but I agree Uee seems to be not as atletic as her inage is saw her fpisode Runningman and I feel shes really shy and truely not as present as Suzy Jihyo even Lee Hyori shes a softy she can be an atlete but be feminine as well.

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Archived from the original on 29 October BFFs is, to me, very reminiscent of “Family Outing”, particularly with the ‘hunt and gather’ food aspect. The show is a “real outdoor hardship variety”; a spin on typical outdoor variety shows.

Is these a 1n2d idol spin off I think Kang Hodong needs too try something different from 1n2d concept and too think its international can they keep up with constant travelling I think these show is not going to lasts coz some of them will do dramas eventually and would overload right?

Kim Jung-nan epispde, Shinee. Live like an Indonesian for 24 hours Have fun with Indonesian children Catch the last flight to Epsiode.

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And, wow, now I feel old. A new life experience meeting new people in a new place, and exploring the cultural heritage and natural environment unseen elsewhere, the members search for real beauty and happiness on foreign soil. Anyway barefooy guys open up their laptops and are introduced to their fellow castmates.