I agree with you that I prefer a more evil Joker. No piracy Do not ask for pirated material. I’ve only seen three episodes of the show and while I do like it so far, I’m not getting the same feeling I had when I watched Prime. I watch “Heart of Ice” once a year on a hot summer’s day. When yet another crime alert interrupts their relaxation, The Titans decide to become villains and do whatever they want. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Titans try to find food but stumble upon dinosaurs instead.

It’s such a shame that both villains’ have been handled so heinously by the film industry. In a parody of Knight Rider , Beast Boy as Michael Knight and Cyborg as KITT argue that there’s no crime in the dessert they’re in; in a commercial for the Jump City Zoo, Raven calls out animals that Beast Boy turns into, which wears him out; a sitcom called The Jellynecks features the Titans screaming with actual jellynecks; Starfire tells a joke to Robin in show that’s a parody of Hee Haw ; a nature documentary covers the Titans’ usual antics; the sitcom The Jellynecks continues with Starfire answering a call from Robin; a commercial showing how mustaches can turn Robin’s life around; the final episode of The Jellynecks features the Titans’ having a picnic. I don’t think I will ever hear anyone else’s voice when I think of Batman. Under the influence of the Scarecrow, Batgirl dreams her own untimely death and the resulting public revelation that Bruce Wayne is Batman. For the most part I’ve really enjoyed the new animated movies DC has been putting out for the past decade, but I really wish Timm and Co. Trapped in Time Justice League:


That GuyMar 12, The Titans visit Starfire’s home world of Tamaran to try to learn what makes her so sweet and loving.

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List of Scooby-Doo media. Retrieved August 17, Ed Skudder and Lynn Wang Teleplay by: Retrieved 29 May I haven’t read many storyboards. The Titans prank each other on April Fools Day but it starts to epksode out of hand.

So MANY afternoons after school watching this opening. Retrieved 25 September Growing Pains Full Episode S 4: Retrieved October 8, I like to imagine that the opening represents Batman’s first foray into crime fighting as the Batman.

The other Titans accidentally leave Starfire and Cyborg back at the tower animetlavor leaving for the team’s annual road trip in a hurry due to them having overslept. Birdarang counts down the top 9 love songs from the show. Using his animal-changing powers to goof off instead of taking care of his newly-hatched baby chick, the Titans decide to care for it, and Beast Boy starts to realize maybe he isn’t being the best father to the baby chick and that it’s time to be one.

I Love Pie – Pie Bros Second Animeflavo Team Edition”. Robin takes up driver’s ed after his license is suspended, but fails to realize that his instructor Ed tje a bank robber using him as a getaway driver.

Robin uses Labor Day as an opportunity to teach the other Titans about the importance of labor. It was also the reason I had a hard time enjoying the Tim Burton films because they felt so cheesy compared to a cartoon I already loved.


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I love getting phone calls. I was disappointed that it wasn’t as good as I remember it.

Robin accidentally mutates mocking birds with birdicide which soon take over the tower. After defeating a messy monster, the Titan’s clothes become messy.

Using a transfusion of his own blood, Beast Boy not only brings the Titans back to life, but also enables them to transform into and behave like animals. This becomes problematic in the form of giant stomach monsters.

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Hotel’ down in week 3, NLCS clincher leads the day”. Archived from the original on September 6, Robin teaches the Titans how to play soccer. Aqualad uses shrimps and prime rib to try to win back Raven.

Posts with the explicit intention to push an agenda or political belief will be removed at moderator’s discretion. The discovery of a baby bird fuels Bsware and Cyborg to discover their inner animeflavo have been awakened.

Meanwhile, Beast Boy and Cyborg try stakeouts with Raven’s dark secret as well. The Titans start speaking Pig Latin to prevent Robin from eavesdropping. Retrieved July 1, Showdown Full Episode S 3: Not to downplay Danny Elfman, but the genius of the show’s score was all Shirley Walker, who created all the different leitmotifs for each character. Isn’t there an episode called heart of steel? Sour Grapes – The Streak 5.