After accidentally tasting a bit of chocolate that fell on his lips, he finally yields to temptation and devours much of the chocolate in the window display before collapsing into tears and eventually falling asleep. Number one, if you enjoyed what you ate here, you’re going to love my chocolate festival on Sunday. Her daughter Vianne Juliette Binoche is the focus of this film, adapted from a novel by Joanne Harris. The way the Chocolat Movie shows this process is done in the most sensual, tempting way. Whether or not Vianne can overcome her wanderlust is as big a question as whether severity or joy will finally win out over the town. You make her sound like a fugitive. Mill Film Andy Stevens

The film was nominated for many awards, including five Academy Awards, one of which was Best Picture. It just so happens the villagers are observing Lent and chocolate is a temptation-Ouch! Is that sanctified enough for you? And many other stars. First customers are Caroline and her son Armande who she keeps tight reins on. When did he pass away? Vianne Rocher Victoire Thivisol

Juliette Binoche Stefano Priori Number one, if you enjoyed what you ate here, you’re going to love my chocolate festival on Sunday. How does Anouk feel about it?


Do you have more of those bean thingies, please? Townswoman uncredited Dominique Delany Comte de Reynaud Carrie-Anne Moss How many do you want? Friends, there are even chocolate houses to devour!

Juliette Binoche: Vianne Rocher

She handles it beautifully, she makes friends easily, she’s such an unusual The Comte will not admit that his wife has left him. Not a damned thing.

At last the shop is open and ready for customers. The interior scenes were filmed on a set in England.

Chocolat () – Juliette Binoche as Vianne Rocher – IMDb

Your posts are always so unique and interesting, Sue!! Chitza as Christianne Gadd Johnny Depp She hcocolat this chocolate treat to a new customer that has a tiny hint of chili pepper in it. Josephine Muscat Peter Stormare Oh, no, I mustn’t.

Thin Grizzled Man J. In other projects Wikiquote. What do you see? Let His Radiance have a look at you, hm? Perhaps you should give it to my daughter.

Chocolat () – Judi Dench as Armande Voizin – IMDb

The website’s critical consensus states, ” Chocolat is a charmingly light-hearted fable with a lovely performance by Binoche”. New York Deborah Maxwell Dion Share this with your cat and movie loving friends!


Both escape unharmed, but Vianne’s faith in the village is shaken. I’m just here to, uh France uncredited Olivier Suffert Come out here a minute.

Your husband will be made to repent for this. The Mayor does not want the villagers to accept them and calls them River Rats and wants something to be done to get rid of them that causes a tragedy.

Chocolat Movie A Romantic Comedy Set In An Old World Village

Isaac Favorite 30 Drama Films. Mill Film Andy Stevens Finally happy and fulfilled on her own, Josephine declines his request.

Mill Film Brenda Coxon Alfred Molina as Count Paul de Reynaud — the mayor who tries to keep the agmande people under control and learns the biggest lesson of all.