I hope he hasn’t read any of my posts. I actually miss it when he doesn’t tilt I would love to get the Korean Rosetta stone myself someday Get a hairstylist already!! Nevertheless, I really love this drama.. This is precisely why Yoonjoo brought in the press right when she tells Grandpa and not telling Grandpa and then going to the press.

I love the pictures. Come, come, let’s hug it out Yeah, not lovin’ the whole father collapsing, Seojin payback story line either. LOL I bet there’s gonna be one tmrw!!!!!!! Well, come to think of it, so are her days of living lower-case L. I couldn’t endure anymore, so after few episodes I dropped it in the middle.

I lurvvv this couple!!!

So Ji wook is the only one who dont have black credits, and eventhough JW don’t have money as much as SK it doesn’t matter because his job is support SK and never get affair with other woman.

I was so frustrated i wanted to yell at the TV! Asahina points out that if the company employs underachieving employees, this leaves the stellar employees picking up the slack of their less capable brethren. Hyuga introduces the new idiot-proof interface to the two programmers he initially dismissed from the project and has them each work on a part of the project.

Great recap, thanks so much Koala! Yoko gets off and thanks Hyuga for the ride and he nods casually before taking off. There are some BIG Asahina-related happenings. Donna February 10, at 5: During tango classes while they are waltzing? Hyuga says there is no need to thank him, he sees it as buying an expensive toy.

Yoko is just …always there. In doing that, you abandoned Mother and me. I think this is what makes the drama really work for me. And you are evil, or at least soulless.

First I’ll borrow the tutu from the elephant and sing in the shower, then I’ll switch to the towel in the fountain, and for my grand finale, I’ll bare myself and gyrate naked among the front row seats specially dramacraz you lovely fans. This is HY’s metaphorical U-Turn here, you know the one where the hero finally admits to himself the feelings he has hidden from the moment he fell for the sramacrazy and drives dangerously across traffic lanes to show us how now nothing can stop him from having his love?


I saw this drama where a simple blood test proved two girls were switched at birth. That if she was going to show her panties to all the guys standing below, she could at least pull her skirt up to give them a better show.

I know you guys making fun of Mr Hand Towel’s acting but he kinda sway me this time, I watch this drama for his you-drove-me-nuts-stare at Seol. I love how straight forward and decisive Ji-Wook is now that he has decided what he wanted.

[Kdrama] ‘Color of Woman’ episode 10 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I highly appreciate his devotion and talent here. If I know you personally I’d like to be your friend. I’ve been rewatching “secretly” for fear of being called pabbo by my folks. As an IT consultant in the govt sector, in my country data of a high secrecy or privacy level cannot be stored offshore. I can hide with my laptop in dark corners I actually thought long and hard about it, and I was trying to think whether he was leaning in for a hug or kiss.

Later he has Chihiro check out a simpler interface and she finds it very easy to use. She scoffs that her well-honed sense of humor is totally up to the task, so he tests her.

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One eager hardworking employee Tanaka gets fired and he Asahina to intervene. Everyone is nervous and a particular cocky employee Sakaguchi Tetsuyu tells Sawaki to bring him some episodr and wants everyone to relax. In colpr I saw an outtake of a Japanese high school drama where the lead male kissed the lead female in rehearsal, and one of the other actors said “You’re going to be in trouble when the director sees that-that was a real kiss!


He asks Yoko if she went back? Because now, except for the stupid pouch thing, everybody is pretty much up to date on the past, etc.

I also love it that there’s the intelligent and fast-thinking Prof. I can’t believe it has been a long time copor I saw this drama. I think Secretary Oh might actually be the one who is under all of this.

Something he hesitates over.

The first is signing up for deamacrazy of wrangling with governments and consumer protection lobbies, and the 100 is like saying you want to store ice cream in your closet. Just want to say that freaking LOVE you for recapping so quickly and with such detail!!! The reactions of characters to circumstances are a result of their past experiences that made them who they are.

Just wondering if you might know? Fabmari August 21, at 2: Yoko smiles and compliments her brother on being the perfect number 2 to Hyuga.

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We are always at least 5 years behind. Your email address will not be published. I pity her, as much as i pity yoon dramacrasy. Now Sakaguchi is motivated because his life is on the line, and that is the only way he can succeed.