Edit Details Official Sites: Thus, while Godard tends to romanticize the notion that his protagonist’s crimes are logical extensions of an audacious and autonomous spirit, Yang portrays a similar character as vulgar, coarse, even scatological, and utterly subject to the cycle of masculine violence which pervades Korean society. Western Mystery All Genres. Luke Baldock Super Reviewer. And he’s still verbally abusive to those around him, but this aspect of him is more comical than anything else. Kim Hye-soo as Hyeong-in. Lee Seung-yeon as Hyeon-seo. Watch Online News All Posts.

Having lost his sister and mother at a very young age, due to accidents relating to domestic abuse, he is eternally angry on his father and fate. He employs the few cinematic tools at his disposal to provide moments of subtle, symbolic style, such as when he delicately tunes the focus and lighting of a shot where Sang-hoon breaks down and cries on Yeon-hue’s lap, so that the digital image actually sharpens as the light diminishes and the scene fades out. This exceptional film is the exact opposite of the escapist fare typically put forth by contemporary Hollywood, which helps explain why it has no theatrical distributor in the United States, despite having won more than 20 awards on the international film circuit. Sep 26, Full Review…. When he accidently spits on a schoolgirl named Yeon-hue and she demands an apology, he punches her too, but he at least has the decency to wait by her prostrate body until she regains consciousness, before buying her a beer. Yeon-hee’s Homeroom Teacher Seung-il Hong

His despise for the people who can’t stand up for themselves stemming from witnessing his helpless mother makes him even more violent towards his debtors. Yang Ik-june’snh primary purpose is to delve into the concept of domestic violence, and he accomplishes ddongpagi by depicting it without constraints regarding the abuse it incorporates, both physically and verbally.

Park Jeong-soon as Seung-cheol.

Breathless (Ddongpari) (2008)

Flags Adult Situations Profanity Violence. He suffered domestic violence at home, so he goes around treating every body the only way he has ever been treated.


Man-shik Jeong as Man-sik. Action Comedy Drama Comedy. It definitely should’ve been kept under two hours, it would’ve helped with the pacing and some of the scenes wouldn’t have felt so aimless.


Nothing seems to matter to him, he seems unstoppable, until he meets a senior high school girl who seems not wtach be afraid of him. Sang-hoon’s Mother Yong-min Choi The watcu is worth mentioning twice because the film’s dialogue is absolutely saturated with profanity, and it is difficult to overemphasize the shock impact of all those curses in Korea, where certain words are regarded as strictly taboo.

Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Anyone who can watch the climactic scene without cringing and averting their eyes must be numb to the interior rush of their own blood. Jeong In-gi as Bi-level Dad.

Breathless () – IMDb

It has its flaws, mostly the fact that it is too long, but it’s still a damn compelling, dark Korean ddongpsri. Song-hoon has a violent streak and he’s not afraid to strike out against those who would turn against him or his boss, making him an enforcer to be reckoned with in the South Korean underworld. The film seems a bit loose and unfocused in the middle but it is a powerful film for those who manage to reach the end.

There are constant beatings and fights. The American title of Korean auteur Yang Ik-joon’s feature debut will conjure thoughts of Jean-Luc Godard for cinephiles, and although Yang insists that he was not wztch referencing Godard’s classic when he chose the English title, the comparison is apt.

All the main characters are developed quite well, and are given proper depth and screen presence. Comedy on the Edge Eyepoppers Fantastic Reality.

Kangjae, a small time gangster receive a news that his wife Failan is dead. Ddongpari, which apparently translates as something like “shit-fly” is an unrelenting and uncompromising film from the very first frame. This exceptional film is the exact opposite of the escapist fare typically put forth by contemporary Hollywood, which helps explain why it has no theatrical distributor in the United States, despite having won more than 20 awards on the international film circuit.


How To Train Your Dragon: This is a powerful and unforgettable film, but it will take a lot to get through the first half. May 13, Full Review…. A Dirty Carnival Although his first film is only a partial success, Yang Ik-june is a filmmaker worth watching for.

Song-hoon Yang Ik-june is a hired thug working for underworld kingpin Man-shik Jeong Man-shikwhose money buys only so much of Song-hoon’s loyalty. The movie is as visceral as the punches thrown by the characters in this hard-hitting drama; it’s a thought-provoking tale on the cycle of violence. Ik-Joon Yang as Sang-Hoon. Jan 13, Rating: Oh Jee-hye as Yeon-hee’s homeroom teacher.

Luke Baldock Super Reviewer.

We want to hear what you ddongprai to say but need to verify your account. Blending a thoughtful cycle-of-violence subplot with a piercing study of how even the most hateful and isolated people inevitably affect those around them, ‘Breathless’ is a challenging, dynamic experience. Arash Xak Super Reviewer. The attempt to carry out a hit on a professor goes terribly awry, triggering a series of violent events which force a taxi driver to wwatch for his life.

A Bittersweet Life And the ending, as in the final shots of the film, are particularly bittersweet, because, as mentioned, you get to see the positive impact he had on the ddongari he met, but you also see that the cycle-of-violence will, in fact, continue.

The passionate camera-work by Yun Jong-ho follows the characters in an intriguing way, using which the Director tells a compelling story about violence and abuse, interspersed with moments of humour and warmth.

Ddongpari (Breathless)

Weekend Box Office Results: Lee Jin-sook as Sang-hun’s Mother. But, as most times, cruelty has a price to pay As hard-boiled tales of moral redemption go, Breathless is a right knuckle-duster. Jul 6, Full Review…. Learn more More Like This.