I’m trying to make it funny! Conan reveals there is more to the story. Or will his heart remain cold? Using his voice changing bowtie, Conan impersonates Agasa and reveals the wet wipe contained the poison. Until a certain brother appears and his world starts to crumble The Cat chased the clock. Conan reveals that since the culprit left the shoes behind, she does not intend to escape the city by bike meaning she intends to change out of the bike delivery jumpsuit in a public toilet.

Her mother then died shortly after due to shock of the incident and Ena swore revenge against Sodou ever since. The Silver Bullets by Rebelleader reviews Thoughts of one Akai Shuichi, the silver bullet to the black organization, on one Edogawa Conan, the other silver bullet, as together they plan, scheme, and take down the organization that has taken so much from both of them. The two of them may live in completely different worlds as Shinichi Kudo and Shiho Miyano, but they were bound by fate as Conan and Ai. They examine the room to find one wall of the room painted red and in the center of the room a white and black chair placed back to back and nailed into the ground with the white chair facing the red wall. Various stories from the past portion of the SL AU. Arabian Knights by Maru-x-Karuka reviews Yullen: After all, if he wanted to live, he wouldn’t keep putting himself into these kinds of situations. Retrieved December 22,

Mathematically, parallel lines didn’t mean to cross each other. Kogoro receives a request from a client named Ryouzou Gamou to find a witness to confirm his alibi.

He meets two- fearsome poeple who with a goal very much similar to his own destroy NO. Conan notices something is strange about Hiramune’s dying message, and realizes his message indicates the person who murdered him was a copycat killer. The little boy would be integral in the war against the Millennium Earl and must be kept safe at all costs.

Midorikawa confesses and explains that he blamed Akashi was Aoi’s death since she got a heart attack from frantically searching for a portrait of herself. Parallel by twinklepop reviews Him and her are parallel, existing in each other life but bearing nothing in common.


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He deduces that the Hammer man is trying to hide his gender. During the midnight snack, Conan uses Mouri to solve the case.

The next day, a criminal psychologist named Douji Hiramune challenges the serial killer episoe reveal himself. Humanity’s battle against the Noah Family persists in an universe where the Black Order doesn’t exist, and Exorcists detectuve alone or in small groups scattered around the world. Not a Love Story by melanche reviews Taking “sleeping with the enemy” to a whole new, twisted level.

Delusions by Nea-writes reviews Pacifism AU. The lives of fusers and fusions are forever changed from that point, but knowing the dark history of the Order, is it for better or worse? The culprit sends the president’s wife, Saki Nijimura, a ransom note demanding her to place the money in a waterproof Nijimura handbag and to meet with him on a train at a specific time. They notice Hiramune’s left hand was on his keyboard on the keys “Ctrl” and “C” and his right hand holding the wire of his mouse.

No one has been able to prove the existence of the strings of fate. Mana, as usual, seems to know exactly what to do.

Jirokichi leaves with his bodyguard for a drive. Or do you want to come with us and make your decision later? Too bad I’m Noah’s dog – demon! In exchange for himself and his friends, they demand one thing: The three actors are then convicted for their crime.

RoyEd but you have to still around ’till the end to see the fluff Fullmetal Alchemist – Rated: Arabian Knights by Maru-x-Karuka reviews Yullen: Unable to contact Ran through her phone, they discuss the probability that the man has captured Ran and the girl. Noda, disguised as Ebihara, was the one who invited Kogoro to the barber shop and covered his face with a towel. He had to play the captive.

It’s simply too late Road x Allen, One-side Lenalee x Allen. Nakama’s Eyes by Flufflez McSugartop reviews They thought that they were chosen for Luffy’s crew through whims, that Luffy just decided he liked them and that was that. Now imprisoned, Kaito’s trying to survive until he can figure out a way to escape.


Cover art by Nyanonomous.

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What if she had spotted Conan on the other end of the Ferris wheel with Akai and thought that Akai was holding him hostage? Volumes 1—20 21—40 41—60 61—80 81—current With a Bang Holmes no Mokushiroku. Dealing with a substitute by animeloverhomura reviews What happens when Conan’s teachers are gone for the day. Don’t like, don’t read.

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This is just an idea that should make you laugh. Instead the goovanime went off into a new murder mystery with all of the kids along for the ride. Matters get worse when he’s kidnapped by the Noah, none of which know the truth: Looks into what they might feel about the genius in the body of a child.

Using the gate, they entered the wpisode of Harry Potter. After finding the wet nap in the trash, Osamu confesses to his crimes and reveals that Ryuuzou posted insulting comments onto Osamu’s food blog causing him to go into a depression and elisode caused his wife to leave him.

Ran, as always, dehective listen, and suddenly, Shinichi found himself with nothing to do, prohibited from working all December. A life of peace, and love, and family. Agasa takes the Detective Boys to a revolving sushi shop. Ace finds Sabo’s wanted poster and struggles to believe that good things can happen One Piece – Rated: In Time by paox-fics reviews Ace-lives oneshot Losing one brother was bad enough – when he loses the other, Sabo’s world comes crashing down.

Conan finds Hiramune murdered with the letter “Z” burned into his back.