It’s time for some new ideas! Consider making a small donation to keep Edwardian Promenade online and a free resource in the years to come! With the exception of Isobel Crawley, most everyone on tonight’s episode either gave or got bad news. Bird starts a soup kitchen. We all know Dame Maggie can deliver a perfect one-liner, but she’s also better than just about anyone at conveying a bundle of seemingly contradictory emotions — in this case, insecurity and confidence, excitement and calm — all at once. Rose’s miserable, anti-Semitic mother attempts to sabotage the wedding by sending a floozy up to Atticus’ room after his admittedly very fun looking bachelor party. But the most unforgivable development this week is Anna’s arrest.

Hughes calls it “The Battle of Little Bighorn. Episode 7 — February 19, 9: The scene where she and Decker talk about what she’s going to wear — and Violet makes it clear that she wants to look her best while also pretending she doesn’t care — is a little slice of heaven. By the way, he’s a screen grab I found of the advertisement. Episode 2 — January 15, 9: Mary’s all, “Dude, get it together. Yeah, the police are not letting this one go. I think we’re in for Edith taking some drastic measures here.

It really does appear to be a s ex-gay therapy. Mary’s just not feeling it, so when she goes to London to attend a fashion show, she decides to break the news to him in person. On returning to Downton, Thomas is suffering an inexplicable illness; Baxter suspects there’s more to it than he’s letting on. After Robert spies Patmore crying next to the war memorial being built, he presses Carson on if she’s OK. Read this full recap for a lot more.

Is the dog happy at least? And yes, she looks smashing in that lavender dress. He asks her to meet him for lunch. Now i f only “Downton Abbey” would look to the future with similar resolve. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Mary’s all, “Dude, get it together.

The episode concludes with the dedication of the war memorial, and Grantham kindly finds a way to honor Mrs. More disappointing is the total absence of any progress in Mary’s love life.


The women also pitch in, and many couples see their romantic dreams dashed. I don’t quite understand why Fellowes has amd the need to torture the Bateses for the better heross of four seasons: It’s an exciting change of scenery but otherwise yields little in the way of meaningful drama, except for the discovery that Dinker likes the sauce and Daisy is a city girl.

All content belongs to EP and its writers, unless otherwise noted. Hughes explains that Anna was in London with Mary. Episode 3 — January 22, 9: Robert agrees, Carson looks hurt when Patmore implies that he doesn’t care. He tells Carson what he saw, but he actually sticks up for James.

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Now Atmospheric river to bring drenching rain, significant snow to Northern California. Anna and Bates know a moment of happiness. In front of a Peter Pan statue. Shimpy’s foreign office stint in India is coming to an end good timing and he has arrived to tell the Crawleys and his daughter that he and Susan have decided to divorce.

Though she promises Tom that she’ll be good, it lasts all of a few minutes until she pushes Robert’s button by a assuming that he doesn’t approve of Daisy learning things and b accusing him of not knowing Daisy’s name. So what if she has to maintain the ridiculous ruse that Marigold is an adopted foundling, a cover so transparent that even Lord Grantham figures out the truth?

For more information and a bit of spoilers, so beware! Robert calls Prince Kuragin, “Prince Thingamajig. Edith goes to London to meet with the editor, Mr. Charles Blake is ercap to be found in this episode, presumably because he’s already off on that trade mission to Poland.

‘Downton Abbey’ Season 5, Episode 4 recap, Love’s labour’s lost

Vera plays a cruel endgame with Bates and Anna. Bird starts a soup kitchen.

Has it helped your school project or book? But have two Edwardian English girls cut one another down in modernish language spoken in cut-glass accents, and you feel like they could be you or someone you know. The scene where she and Decker talk about what she’s going to wear — and Violet makes it clear that she wants to look her best while also pretending she doesn’t care — is a little slice of heaven. But the trip to London wasn’t an entire bust.


Shrimpy is married to Herofs cousin, Susan. Drewe shuts the door on her when she visits, and Mr. Later, Patmore meets with Robert and tells the story of her nephew, his being shot for “cowardice,” him being shell-shocked which led to the so-called “cowardice” and how he deserves ad be on a memorial.

Somehow I would have thought her upbringing might have kept her from knowing, let alone using, such a naked Anglo-Saxonism — turning instead to a more Frenchified euphemism. MLF was once engaged to Gillingham — until her pursued Mary and called off the engagement.

Mary explains that “midday is more appropriate for bad news. I think we’re in for Edith taking some drastic measures here. But hey, there was a fashion show! He knows that means he will lose his career, but he rather be happy than be with Herods and who can blame him?

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Karey January 3, at 7: Gillingham’s not having it, and basically seasonn that if a woman of Mary’s social class sleeps with a man then it’s expected that she will marry him. He kicks Thomas out of his room, and all the ruckus wakes up Mr. Bates was wrongfully convicted of murder, then as Anna was brutally raped, and now as she’s imprisoned for murdering her attacker, which we all know she didn’t do. Gillingham, when heartbreakkers girlfriend loses her job you episide to get through” it together, not when she says she doesn’t want to marry you.

Post-fashion show but pre-attempt-at-Gillingham-break-up, Mary dines with Charles, who feigns surprise when Mary tells him that she’s turning Gillingham down. The only hint of progress comes when Mary slips away from the wedding reception.