I’m not that into that kind of dramas. I wish I was a stronger person! As usual, Kyu refuses to help her treat the trees with manure, although the mention of dung reminds him of his constant stomach pains. I don’t know what it is about this scene but it actually kills me, it is so powerful and filled with such heartbreak and anguish, with no understanding of how to fix it. Another aspect I appreciate is the reversal of gender roles: And then he tries to tell her he loves her but she runs away. And all my friends think I am really weird but I absolutely do not care, I reckon I will be obsessed forever!

He is a highborn Yangban who has been coddled and adored, yet is still smart and savvy and has even saved the king, but this just means he definitely believes he is so high above his current situation as a banished noble that he constantly looks down on everyone. And each being completely different from the other is icing on the cake. The idea of learning Korean did occur to me. It seems to me that there are two types of Korean actresses who do the overly cutesy shtick: SOSsy 13 August at And even though he admitted to wanting to force those feelings on her, he did not. From the slow, tired blinks to the slight crinkles, he.

I liked it so checked it out and then went crazy. You can read episode 3 recap on this website: I am so upset!

So anyway, thank you for letting me spazz here: And then she doubles over again in pain at the thought of what she has done to him by not telling Kyu the truth that William wasn’t dead. They are not native speaker, after all.


Tamra Island – 01

When did teh start and how did you pick K dramas up? Lots of wonderful things happen in the drama during this time but the two scenes that I think are the most important, and in many ways the most beautiful especially the second oneare when firstly Park Kyu discovers William is still alive.

No need to stop spazzing!

I reckon I will definitely watch it at some point!! Haha, no need to feel any pressure: Thee it is so emotionally overwhelming that she tells him she hates him, because in that moment I think she really does. Im Ju Hwan had a tougher job — his eyes, oh his eyes! Another aspect I appreciate episoe the reversal of gender roles: One that hopefully has action and intrigue and a whole lot of shameless making out.

POPS MISSION: Korean Drama and Movie Obsession: TAMRA THE ISLAND

I was neutral about him but that all went south when I found out he was very likely guilty. She throws her hands over her mouth and rocks back and forth like she is breaking up inside. He accepted her answer like a gentleman, choosing to wait it out till she was ready, even though that day might not have come. Full of fun and never a dull moment. Like Park Shi Hoo for example.

Breaking down as a broken-hearted Kyu walks away.

I loved tamrs exchange between william and beo jin. Oh, I’m having fun with this drama. And terminal illness is completely not my thing, though I do find myself partial to a little amnesia every now and then: That would have totally turned me off too but luckily I liked the right guy as in the guy who doesn’t end up alone and sad and worse at the end.


It is such a nice feeling when something affects you that much and it is definitely then hard to leave it behind! When Colin Firth came along to sramacrazy the face to the hero, oh man I don’t mind him but he doesn’t draw me as a romantic lead. It’s light and fun, and it seems more like a refreshment to watch a comedy there’s dramas that have comedy within the genre, but this is just pure comedy comical stuff. There are “three” leading characters, not “two”. Hahah I think you have hit the nail on the head with the “why do smart girls like dramas about jerkish horrible men!

Haiz, I don’t usually fall for 2nd leads either.

Once Upon A Twisted Fairy Tale

Watch ‘ Tamra the Island ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. A Park Kyu cough!!

I have never done it before but I think this might be the first time there have been so many airing that I am interested in!!! Dramqcrazy, amd I am also a proud owner of the full length Tamra boxset: I can’t wait to see the two guys face off and I wonder who will get the chamberpot in the end!