Raghav says yeah go ahead. Kalpi is going with the flowers. Kalpi gets Kamla in and locks the door. Pakhi and she move round and round. He gives the cake to Raghva. They are so close.

Vitthal says Pakiya take these sweets and throw them in the drain. How is sammy as a guy? Mom did the same she left dad alone in problem. Kamla says yeah maybe he is angry. SHe says I should say sorry. He goes closer to her but sammy stops him and says Raghav we have to attend a conference call.

The bus comes and she goes in.

What would people say. U all r the only reason y i m still watching the show Othervise i wud hav left it long time back Chocopie m alwo addicted of chatting wid u guys R.

AP aasmwan May – 6: Vitthal says I have asked Sammy to bring his parents. Later she sees Raghav and then Kalpi.

Scene 1 Kalpi is cleaning all the flour. She hugs hum and says thanks for coming in my life.

Ek Mutthi Aasman Written Episodes

Its just that they might showing up repeat telecast by this friday But no confirmed news. Nettu says yeah sure you have to take the medicine first. He presents a project to the team. Kamla says Raghav is happy with it. You are mom you can see in my eyes you will find the answer that I love your daughter a lot.


He says oh please I went to street shopping for you. He says why are your eyes wet? Pakhi says what a good news it is. SHe looks so desperate to go to the office.

Sammy smiles at them. He says we are not committed officialy. If you want I can come right now. Today you are so old that boy is coming to see you and what will I do with you in this house. Ek Mutthi Aasman Written Episodes. Ad X Kamla says call them.

Vitthal says must be some friend. Gauri says its a mktthi day for Kalpi you should stay with her. Sammy says look Raghav uncle is giving a tip.

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Sammy was there as well. They both hold their ears to appologize. Kamla asks is Raghav ready? Kamla says I know but ask her whom was she talking to. Kalpi leaves for office. Nettu comes there as well with her face covered. I guess you know everything already. And its good that you sent her to our place.


Ek Mutthi Aasman 16th April Written Episode | Ek Mutthi Aasman Written Episodes

Nettu says take that juice and speak up. Sammy says I will drive you should sit with Kalpi. Nettu shouts why are you not telling the complete story. I wanna be with you how could I see you with hopeless eyes.

Kamla says to pandit ji that my daughter has topped the exams. Raghav says she is right I guess. Ek Mutthi Aasman Written Episodes.