Into this treatment of the myth, Euripides has introduced a band of young and lusty Satyrs with their father, Silenus. The huge, monstrous Cyclops one-eyed giant of the play’s title. Publish with us Authors under contract Proposals and Submissions. In this play it is portrayed as a barbaric place that is hostile to both man’s laws and religion. It is kept in the Vatican Library. Its title alone signals its content, Odysseus’ escape from the one-eyed, man-eating monster, familiar from Book 9 of Homer’s Odyssey. Now, Euripides’ Cyclops is a satyr drama , generic markers for which are mentioned in the next section. Cyclops is the only complete satyr play that has survived, due to continuous copying through the ages.

Cyclops is a comical burlesque -like play on a story that occurs in book nine of Homer ‘s Odyssey. Christopher Collard was Professor of Classics at the University of Swansea until and has published widely on tragedy and scholars of tragedy. No one comes here who doesn’t get eaten. The Satyrs have some fun with him over it. Odysseus has a lively debate with the cyclops; he argues against his brutality, and in favor of morality, laws, justice, and hospitality. What, if any, “Euripidean” features do you find here? This page was last edited on 17 May , at So it’s supposed to be funny , though technically, it’s not comedy.

The cyclops considers the idea of social justice a fraud created by the weak as protection against the mighty. This page was synopiss edited on 17 Mayat Odysseus offers to trade wine to Silenus in return for food for his hungry crew and, despite the fact that the food is not his to trade, the servant of Dionysus cannot resist the promise of more wine.

How do you respond to particular characters. Back to Top of Page. Odysseuswho has lost his way on the voyage home from the Trojan Wararrives with his hungry sailors. Description Satyric is the most thinly attested genre of Greek drama, but it appears to have been the oldest and according to Aristotle formative for tragedy.

He got blown off course, though; arriving at the cave of the Cyclops, he’s seeing what provisions he can pick up there by hook or by crook.

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Sizable fragments of other satyr plays have been discovered, like Sophocles’ Trackers and Aeschylus’ Net-fishers. He hatches a scheme to get the Cyclops drunk and burn out his dyclops with a giant poker after the giant has passed out from inebriation.

The date of its presentation is uncertain but may have been around BCE or possibly much earlier. His work includes editions with commentary of Euripides, Suppliant Womenand Hecubaand he is co-editor of Selected Fragmentary Plays of Euripides He’s headed home from the Trojan War.


Euripides Cyclops Text Access Euripides. Cyclops is an Ancient Greek play written and directed by the Athenian playwright Euripides in the 5th century B. The satyrs offer to help, but then chicken out with a variety of absurd excuses when the time actually comes, and the annoyed Odysseus gets his crew to help instead.

They encounter a group of satyrs taken captive by the dreaded Cyclops Polyphemus, who agree to barter with them for their master’s meat and cheese in exchange for Odysseus’ magical refilling wineskin.

Odysseus manages to sneak out and is stunned by what he has witnessed. The Cyclops and Silenus drink together, with Silenus attempting to hog the wineskin for himself. Why or why not? Are there things about this particular satyr drama the only one to have survived complete that, at a deeper level, suggest tragedywhether in terms of general mood, theme, treatment, etc.?

The heroes would speak in tragic iambic verse, apparently taking their own situation very synopsiis, as contrasted with the flippant, irreverent and obscene remarks and antics of the satyrs. An Ethnographic Odyssey on the Satyr Stage”.

Nothing to Do with Dionysos? The play is set in Sicily at Mount Aetna. The Cyclops is considered cannibalistic in that he includes humans in his diet, eurlpides there is a distinction: Still, it matters that it’s meant to evoke a lot of belly laughs, indeed, to appeal to a rather puerile, arguably male-centered mentality.

However, the egotistical Odysseus blurts out his synosis name by mistake and, although he and his crew manage to make their escape, the rest of the troubles Odysseus faces on his voyage home are due to this act, since the Cyclops was a child of Poseidon.

Our knowledge and appreciation of the genre have been greatly enlarged, however, by recovery since the early 20th Century of considerable fragments of Aeschylus, Euripides’ predecessor, and of Sophocles, his contemporary – but not, so far, of Euripides himself. Satyr plays were presented as euripives lighthearted follow-up after each trilogy of tragedies at the Athenian Dionysia drama festivals to release the tragic tension of the preceding plays. Get Known if you don’t have an account.

After this argument, the Cyclops brings Odysseus and euripiides crew inside his cave and eats some of them.

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In form it is very like a tragedy prologue, parodos, episodes, agonstasimaexodos. It mixes the myth of Dionysus’s capture by satyrs, with the well known episode of Polyphemus, the cannibal cyclops found in the Odyssey.


University of Pennsylvania Press, It is generally held to be the poet’s late work, but its companion tragedies are not identifiable. Odysseus and his men land on the island of Sicily on their way home to Ithaca, desperate for food and water. After they sing of a burning branch moving on its own and blinding the giant, the giant is immediately blinded by a burning branch.

The Art of Euripides: No one comes here who doesn’t get eaten. Odysseus decides to execute the next phase of his plan. Play Facts This is a satyr dramathe fourth in the usual set of four plays produced by a given tragic playwright for performance on a single day. Because of its uniqueness, Cyclops could afford only a limited idea of satyric drama’s range, which the many but brief quotations from other authors and plays barely coloured.

Its title alone signals its content, Odysseus’ escape from the one-eyed, man-eating monster, familiar from Book 9 of Homer’s Odyssey.

Being a servant of Dionysus, Euripldes cannot resist obtaining the wine despite the fact that the food is not his to trade. In other projects Wikisource. It is kept in the Vatican Library. And [these Cyclopes], are they hospitable to strangers? The discordant elements of the brave, adventurous and resourceful warrior Odysseusthe gross and brutal Cyclops, the drunken Silenus and the cowardly and licentious satyrs are combined by Euripides with rare synpsis into a work of harmonious beauty.

Silenus Odysseus The Cyclops. So it’s supposed to be funnythough technically, it’s not comedy. This play offers an eccentric view of a mix of worlds: Advanced Search Advanced Search.

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Appalled by what he has witnessed, Odysseus manages to escape and hatches a scheme to get the Cyclops drunk and then burn out his single eye with a giant poker.

Having put in at Aetna, a volcano on the island of Sicily, they’ve been taken prisoner by this same Cyclops, who has put them to work tending house and the monster’s animals. Satyr Characters Chorus of Sunopsis Also, he has a cycloops for human flesh, among other things.