He was bluntly honest without being unkind, knowledgeable without being arrogant, and he bulldozed through their first impressions — and more than a few curious questions about him literally running into the CEO in the dead of night. An idea of my own I had of a min-maxing VMMORPG player that creates a new character from scratch using a setup created by his little brother or sister that is as absurd or silly as you’d expect from a small child and enjoying the challenge of trying to actually make it work. You know it can’t possibly be as civilized as it sounds The Little Merfinder Chapter 4 by tagorefanfiction. Suggestions are welcomed as are criticism. The boy’s voice goes low and dark.

Getting cream from one side of the bed, he pushes his fingers into Takaba as Takaba grips onto the sheets in between his fingers. But if there’s any heat about this, it’s on you, Mr Bossy Boots. Others suggested that with today’s busy lifestyle, people were less in tune with themselves and The Pull, the legendary feeling of being drawn to another person. Pompeii by Yamiga reviews Asami comes home smelling of strong perfume. The boy’s hand untucks his shirt and goes under it as he leans forward to lick his ear. Akihito’s girlfriend’s early return last night had prevented him from joining his two colleagues on their Sunday night meal out, saving him from the nasty bout of food poisoning that had struck them both down.

FanFiction – GryphonGirl Yaoi

Why yes, yes it is. Babysitting Tao by Isabella reviews Akihito makes a deal with Asami in order for Tao to stay with them while Feilong goes iitai a trip. Can Onodera stand his ground or will he finally succumb to the feeling he’s been trying to hide? Zagi especially can’t keep his hands off of Thor, especially in the manga where the Ho Yay is so obvious that Karim who’s Zagi’s love interest gets jealous of Thor. Get Known if you don’t have an account.


Marking Territory by skyressshun reviews Asami discovers Akihito’s been out with someone else.

What can you possibly give to someone who has it all and fqnfiction easily acquire anything he doesn’t already have? Can be averted in the best ending of X-2where the Fayth use the last of their power to incarnate Tidus for real.

I have put up a drawing for my Yakuza in the Middle fanfic! August Finder Series – Rated: Engine Sentai Go-onger showed that Sosuke and Miu had feelings for each other; but ultimately nothing comes of it and they return to their respective lives.

Did Not Get the Girl – TV Tropes

Caught on Camera by skyressshun reviews Akihito stumbles across some videos he really shouldn’t have. My Kawaii Mangaka by Natsukachann reviews Takaba, an aspiring Mangaka is overjoyed when he gets hired by a company who’s willing to publish his work. Takaba takes his collar with one hand and kisses him right then and there.

It’s a manga about an homage of superhero albeit pretty sexual at that. This fanfiction is purely fluff and no sex whatsoever. Akihito] Kirishima – Complete.

Edited by Zarastro on Aug 26th at 6: No one can ever know by Ashida reviews Akihito has a secret, no one can know. It would have made a really good shounen-ai series if it weren’t for its Shounen label.

Sex, money and a bucket of paint by UllaBritta reviews AU findfr Someone else wins her heart or she has no choice but to marry someone to save her family or something. It’s findder the Warden embarked on a quest to save their order from their premature destruction and that happens in literally every other romance option Remember me, Z4m4 M1r0. Saying it was a form of ‘getting into the real world’ training for any freshies in the organization, little did these young men know that it was a test set to see if they were able to keep information disclosed after being informed about private meetings.


Judd with Starr when the latter decided to go goth.

Something was not right. Akihito needs help and he goes to a very powerful yakuza. Sounds of guns will be heard, bloods will be shed. Will his momentary curiosity get him killed or let him see his life from a different perspective?


Little did he know that it was a challenge or test for Ryuichi regarding his true feelings for Akihito. Grocery Shopping by Kadzuki Fuchoin reviews All Akihito wanted fanfjction to shop in peace but a certain crime lord came and spoiled his fun. Asami is instantaneously attracted to Akihito’s looks and personality as well as Akihito. They do not die in this story.

He then started to feel this urge to dominate the night. Coddiwomple by Deliquescenced reviews Manchmal bietet es sich an, wandern zu gehen, um den Kopf freizubekommen. And I also read another new manga from Magi the Labyrinth of Magic creator, Orient, which tells us about a young boy who promised with his friends that he will slay all of the onis.

Then, he meets two other girls that fall in love with him separately, and, to some extent, he returns their feelings.

Personally-followed manga, under-the-radar for everyone else

An Eye-Opening Surprise by Misha87 reviews life’s been good so far. He then remembered that he left the key to his room in the doorknob on the opposite side. I’ll make you pay. In Street SceneSam is crushed when Rose leaves him in the end, having decided that, after what happened with her parents, she can’t let their lives be tied together.