I’m just wondering since Damdeok now has a new wife, where the heck is Yakyeon? I guess it’s true that membership has its privileges. After watching this drama so long from KBS world,all i can say that it not that good but not that bad either. I liked the actress though and I liked learning more about the Shogun era. And Hidetada started it, naughty man. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. By larus Started September 14,

Although kinda long, read the review of Gwanggaeto drama. Grade B-plus for our two female writers for making DD look like IN ep 85, when Damju was killed off, the ratings Nationwide spiked at 2nd position from the previous week of 5th position and for Seoul, the ratings went up to 3rd position from the previous week of 6th.. Damju refuses to be involved and so MX takes Prince Huwang away from Damju and orders her confined within her quarters. After watching this drama so long from KBS world,all i can say that it not that good but not that bad either. By sugarplum Started March 4, Slamming the royal rod on the table, Gwanggaeto stops everybody from arguing further and leaves for his room.

With no male guards, the women had to be responsible for protecting the shogun. Since Baekje submitted, I guess life in Goguryeo has been pretty smooth and so Damdeok could not use the Goguryeo people as his excuse for attacking Houyan.

Most of the pieces are set. Maybe Yakyeon was also killed by an arrow during a hunting trip with Jangsu her invisible baby. Why, do the ones on whom a ‘trick’ or deceit is perpetrated say to the perpetrator, “How could you trick us like this?

Lie down flat on the ground and hope the arrows will fly over your back C. You see, Houyan are infuriated with the outcome of the deal – having to give up their precious strategic fortress and no significant gains from DD. Start tap dancing or ballet so you become a moving target rather than a stationary one D.

Looks like another cast member has collected his paycheck. The average ratings for this drama Nationwide hovers around 4th-5th position and for Seoul 6th-8th, and has been steady since it began its run. The word NO cannot be used on the Shogun if he orders the unfortunate child or teenager related to him by bloodline to get married to an old geezer warlord because one of two things can happen: Some samurais did indeed prefer their topknot to lie forward on the bald patch.


At this point the writers had the following conversation: Only a little bit,at the beginning where the king like the prime minister daughter. Entire families including gwanggato have to be killed if they are labelled as rebels or disloyal subjects.

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Every woman had a uniform — a thick black broadcloth jacket, stiff black pleated geat and a black silk cap bound with a white band — and there was a training hall in the palace where they practised. Damju still dies because of Damdeok dumbness. At this point this was beginning to sound like two cities competing with each other to host the next summer Olympics, and both are now dangling ‘rewards’ to the International Olympics Council that is, Damdeok himself.

And that’s why the Tokugawa Shogun has to be a man who is well-liked or at least trusted by these independent warlords. The king and the rest of the guys just forget about this person totally LOL. Here’s why I have this hunch: Goguryeo can providesoldiers from the Central Army, 70, special Cheongun soldiers and over 50, cavalry soldiers. Posted April 21, Even though Atsuhime is not that fresh in my memory compared to yours, I’ve tried to answer your questions in the spoiler box below: The yellow gown is thf to MB who now gets the proof that his brother has already made royal robes well in advance – he’s even more incensed at discovering the ultra-smooth fabric came from Italy just kidding.

Next day, Tbe continues his probing and learns the Goguryeo king refused Iyeong an audience. I’ve been racking my brain trying to think how Damdeok, who has been able to predict the enemy’s play book down to a tee, failed to guess gwznggaeto would happen to Damju after what he did to the envoys. Why, after being stabbed, sliced, punctured, and rammed-through, do the victims say, “How could this happen?

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. That means as a tourist you can drop in uninvited anytime within opening hours, exactly what the foreign envoys habitually do to Damdeok when they suddenly arrive unannounced In this clip, notice that Ha MJ, for a old guy with a walking stick, can incredibly run faster than he can walk. Although coldly received, the envoy senses something. Did they ever consummate their marriage? In Gou the drama, Gou appointed her own sister Katsu as first overseer but it’s not supported by historical records.


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Yes, diplomacy can be very tough for a conqueror king who loves banging tables but being stupid and misguided are never good excuses. His death count involving Damdeok’s posse has included: But things picked up nicely around episode cnqueror, when it turned out the Shogun was not a fool like everyone thought. A lowly female bodyguard 2. Now who says sitting on the fence isn’t beneficial? Ha Muji was one character we could have done without and for me, he served no significant contribution to the gwanghaeto.

Then, what if he send’s a covert rescue team that will almost succeed? He could also draw on his scores of nephews and nieces, half-nephews and half-nieces as well as his cousins. Weak for not protecting his sister and dumb for not realizing that all his schemes were doing was put Damju in a more precarious position. To conquerror fair, that concrete span across the ditch was built to enable only authorised vehicles to move across into the sprawling studio set within Conquerog certainly will send them ahead to the front lines to minimize their damages.

But there’s a problem.

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Then in a deception plotted this time by Murong Un, Fengba next finds greag letter written by MX asking Damdeok for help – MX will save Houyan, become the emperor and make peace with Goguryeo by joining Damdeok at the sauna, and enjoy hot showers together. This ep 83 will gwanggateo show you the most silliest piece of plot construction that eipsode drama has thrown at us week after week.

By sugarplum Started March 4, Poor jumbo-ears Fengba found himself on the wrong side, again, attempting to defend the beleagured MB right to the end. Damju dies after several arrows in her back 3. In actual fact, the chap was facing intense pressure to make baby to be his heir. Posted April 22, Way to go, Gen Hwang.