Alvise Gritti II 9 episodes, Cariye 18 6 episodes, Cariye 8 2 episodes, Ali Dumanli Sehzade Mehmet 28 episodes, Cariye 30 1 episode, Cariye 5 13 episodes,

For example, on Wednesday night, I could quickly post a summarythen the next day post a proper translation of the full episode. Cariye 13 1 episode, Silahdar 2 45 episodes, Defne Sultan 11 episodes, Selim 31 episodes, Saygin Soysal Kalfa 3 40 episodes, Ibrahim recieves news of the judge’s decision, and is happy. Cariye 2 14 episodes, Senem Kulman

Gazanfer Aga 15 episodes, Sultanzade Osman 22 episodes, Sehzade Selim 4 episodes, Sehzade Murad 18 episodes, Kont Leonard 1 episode, Rakel Hatun 4 episodes, Silahdar 2 45 episodes, Alvise Gritti 10 episodes, Nur Gumusdograyan Ahsen Hatun 6 episodes, Volkan Yildiz Cariye 32 1 episode, Fatih Oral Kont Leonard 1 episode, Hasan Aslangiray Ilyas 13 episodes, Erhan Can Kartal Anna Jagiellon 8 episodes, Niko Cocukluk 24 episodes, Yusuf Berkan Demirbag Digiflame Productions 13 episodes, Mesut Yavuz Cariye 3 episodes, Canfeda Hatun 21 episodes, Efsun Hatun 15 episodes, Sejdefu majka Budjase 2 episodes, Saim Kirgi Hurrem’s mother 3 episodes, Mihrimah Sultan 30 episodes, Remmal Elmas 1 episode, Efe Incedemir Sehzade Selim 36 episodes, Gonca Sariyildiz Taslicali Yahya 21 episodes, Sefika Tolun Tahmasp I 12 episodes, Saadet Aksoy Cook 1 1 episode, Canfeda Hatun 21 episodes, Erkan Erol Agadag Sehzade Beyazit 5 episodes, Cariye epispde episodes, Cariye 10 2 episodes, Idil Sivritepe Kardinal 1 episode, Aybige’s Nedime 3 episodes, Aybike Turan Ferhat Pasa 5 episodes, Didem Kiygi Kardinal 5 episodes, Cariye 31 30 episodes, Cariye 18 6 epidode, Emre Erilmez Hasan 2 episodes, Eleni sason episodes, Levent Tasci Cariye 27 20 episodes, Sltan 30 sqison episode, Yakup 5 episodes, Mehmet tells Mihrima he changed his mind and he doesn’t want an abortion, but she says it is too late it was done in the morning.


Fransiz Elci 1 episode, This time, I will post a brief summary first so that you can quickly get an understanding of eepisode story, and then below it, I will post the full translation of the episode in dialogue form.

Eleni 1 episode, Remmal Elmas 1 episode, Greek Servant 3 episodes,