Another obscure Hasselblad fact: Sheet film holders are a bit of a curiosity. Reviews 0 Write a review. A lot of people seem to mark a focusing screen with guide lines for format. I see mention of “new style” and “old style. NPC produced a multitude of instant film backs for nearly every major camera system and created two options for the V-System: Hasselblad A12 1st generation — Rear. The right hand grip makes the ergonomics not too different from modern cameras thought the Hassy “V” is bulkier and heavier and the lenses do not handle so quickly.

The Hasselblad does not normally handle so well in vertical mode. NPC produced a multitude of instant film backs for nearly every major camera system and created two options for the V-System: Inserts engage with the gearing in magazine shells by means of a notched cog male on the take-up spool. Just make your own mask. This was set to fire flash when the rear capping blinds were fully open. You don’t need a prism, but it makes life a lot easier if you shoot portrait, the WLF can be really frustrating to do this. If you need a spare dark slide, there are plenty on eBay.

The “E” type is specifically designed for the Series and is equipped with a film speed programming dial and electronic databus connections which transfer the film speed to the camera’s metering system. The back in the link says it includes the mask. The Hasselblad does not normally handle so well in vertical mode. Save Cancel Drag to set position! Hasselblad also added a red progress bar on the left-hand side to show rough film consumption.

Hasselblad A16 Black Film Back 120 6×4.5 Magazine

I’m interested magaziine getting an A16 back when I get my hasselblad but looking though the posts here I’m a little confused about the orientation of the shot when using the A16 back using the waist level viewfinder. Every first-party Hasselblad instant film back mounts flush with the bottom of the camera body. Hasselblad E12 — Front. You must log in or sign up to reply here. It can be used with the Series cameras but only works mechanically.


An adapter plate was used with the holders to allow the use of multiple frames in a single sitting. Alternatively, your local camera repair service should be able to help you re-gear your film magazines to suit.

Hasselblad A16 Film Magazine (6x) – Chrome B&H

Hasselblad Thanks for posting this. The MF-2 mounts flush to the bottom of the camera body, ffilm it will clear the tripod plate of the SWx series, or the extended foot of the EL series. Or spend 15 quid on a set of format masks and waste a little film. A16 back on hasselblad I want the masks!

haswelblad This gives us a manufacture date of They required 2 x 3 sheet film to be cut down to size and were sold with an accompanying film cutter — more on that a little later. Share This Page Tweet.

Thank you so much for reading. Ice crystals on tintype: Click to expand the image and pay note of the distortion at the top of the frame. Another obscure Hasselblad fact: See any errors on this page? As the take-up spool winds-on more film, it pushes on a small lever and in true analogue fashion, causes the progress bar to turn red. The “E-CC” magazine is specific to the FCC model and is not only equipped with the same “E” features, but also has a contrast control dial “CC” which is used in conjunction with Zone System black and white photography.

Thanks for dispelling the myths around this topic. The A12 pictured above also has a white star sitting above the numeric designation on the magazine release button. Hasselblad makes three basic types of film magazines: Or not even spend 15 quid on a set of masks. It would be a miracle in topology to get 16 vertical negatives on a roll when the film rolls vertically in a H’blad film magazine.


Hasselblad A-type film magazine instruction manual, user manual, free PFD camera manuals

Also, what are the differences in the different generations of backs A12 and A16? How do mags and inserts get mismatched?

Hasselblad Series and users beware: The obvious reason to prefer an A16 back over the format masks is that you avoiding “wasting” four frames per roll of film. I got one made from plastic semi transparent, but but actually it is for 4×4 super slides, but why do you want for a a16, I would go just for a 6×6, and cut later the pic to make it a image, I mean hassy is square so you don’t have to bother to tilt your cam to one side.

I also recommend you get a body that is compatible with Hassy Winder CW. All Hasselblad roll film magazines comprise of individually numbered, matched shells and inserts aka spool holders.

Learn how hasselbld comment data is processed. The frame spacing might be off slightly but you should still end up with 24 or 36 useable frames. These film magazines are covered in detail later in this article.

Simply reset the counter and continue shooting. Reviews 0 Write a review.