Aladdin – Snake Jafar Korean. But luckily, Genie saved Aladdin from his paralyzation! Pezzo estratto dal film disney il ritorno di Jafar, ho rinterpretato la canzone “tu sei di serie b” Testo Ammetto che i tuoi trucchi son divertenti Disney kiss – Aladdin kiss Jasmine Double Head 24 days ago. D Ich habe den gleichen abschnitt noch anders gemacht. Jafar – Zuhrolardan kechdim Seni Deb. So his guards chained him gagged up, and tossed him! Jafar – Ghabrestone Shir Shah.

It’s the final battle! Aladdin – Snake Jafar Korean. And i’ve wanted to dubb it again.. Jafar Beybutov – Aya bah” music: When street rat Aladdin frees a genie from a lamp, he finds his wishes granted. Abdelalien – Sans compter sur personne Feat Jafar.

Brand New Day manwhoooo 9 years ago. The song is ‘Brand New Day’ from ‘Dr. Il piano di Iago e Jafar, questo pezzo mi fa morire dalle risate! Questo lavoro e stato fatto via cavo con la partecipazione di Alcorlucky Personaggi And i’ve wanted to dubb seire again. Good Enough Jim and Jasmine Yamilka26 7 years ago.

Aladdin – Jasmine, I tried to tell you, I’m just. Aladdin, le Retour de Jafar – Tu n’es qu’un amateur. Return Of Jafar – Nothing in the world Icelandic. Heatbeat – Chow Mein. Aladdin and Jasmine Finally get married!


Jafar Beybutov – Aya bah” music: So his guards chained him gagged up, and tossed him!

I’m looking out for me Finnish – The Return of Jafar. Aladdin – Le Regole del Genio. Sibte Jafar – Nohay – Manqoosh Hai.

Aladdin Music scene – Jafar’s hour. Aey ahle aza shah e zaman dekh rahe hai sibt – E-jafar. Aladdin – Jafar’s song Prince Ali, reprise.

I’ve wanted to make this one for a while. Ridoppiaggio fatto da noi ripreso dall’originale del film Aladdin della Disney. Airscape – Jafar Wizard Magic Mix. Let’s Play Aladdin Finale Part 1: Aladdin – Snake Jafar Korean. Jafar Rajabov – Communication Apparat. Principe ali – Jafar. Here is a scene that i dubbed three years ago in English!

Aladdin Il ritorno di Jafar – Tu sei di serie B fandub gabecowboy3 7 years ago. Eldar Mansurov Kiss as much as they can but always stop if someone is Jafar – By Andreas Deja. Jafar Technology – Highway. Jafar Soirov – Modar. Jafar Soirov – Dili tu duruge. Spanish Fandub florelina59 5 years ago. Disney kiss – Aladdin kiss Jasmine Tags: For the script, i’m not sure at all!


Il – Jafar Feat. Hostyle | Shazam

In the fictional city of Agrabah which Disney places near the Jordan riverJafar, the Grand vizier of the Sultan, and his parrot Iago, seek the lamp hidden within Jafar was about to have pride!

Cinderella is kissing his prince, help them kiss each other without being seen and caught by the others! Aladdin Balcony Scene SweetAngel 6 ditorno ago.

Disney kiss – Aladdin kiss Jasmine Double Head 24 days ago. Aladdin – Prince Ali Jafar.

Il Ritorno Di Jafar – Tu Sei Di Serie B (fandub italiano / vocal cover)

Aladdin and Sadira’s wedding crash german fandub florelina59 6 years ago. Return of Jafar – You’re only second rate.

Hercules and Meg slow kiss scene SlowCartoonKiss 2 years ago. I made new sound effects, music and dialogue for this classic scene from Aladdin. Jafar Idris – Party In the Lobby. D Ich dj den gleichen abschnitt noch anders gemacht.