Se-kwang turns to leave and in voiceover, both men send the other a scathing message. Thanks for the recap. A young neglected boy whose mother murdered his father before committing suicide. Did anybody else wonder about the cab driver? As Ji-hoo sits in her room, nursing a drink, she recalls the rest of the conversation we left off from the previous episode. First he had to join in with getting the woman he loves in trouble with the law. Sigh, the acting is pretty good though. Uhhh thank you, I followed the drama because of kikwang but I still watching it since it’s so good, well I am still on ep10, little bit slow.

You really are one heck of a Hwannie, chinggu! Great acting all around, many memorable characters. True, the writers could’ve found a way to work with intuition etc. So that’s kinda what matters to me. From the very beginning, we are privy to her tenacity with respect to her work and this same quality extends to her love as well. Ever since Jae In got that mushroom hair it’s been bugging me.

She remarks that it resembles the large gold coin he carries around, and he shows her his matching necklace on his neck. A delightfully happy ending to what has been a crazy and intense ride on this Incarnation train, giving us heart-stopping moments until the final few minutes of the finale. Thanks so much for the recaps!!! CaroleMcDonnell April 24, at 3: My bet is that she will be kept there for the rest of her life – forgotten and sacrificed by him for his lofty ambitions.

Okay, now to the plot: Even when he was arrested, the public still believed in him.


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Are we not — in some ways– sons of the same father? After being interrupted for 9x, at last I am able to finish watching the last episode.

You really are one heck of a Hwannie, chinggu!

This show just keeps delivering and I love that. King Gwanggaeto The Great Episode But one night, he saw his father crying with a torn certificate haphazardly taped back gooxdrama — it was that moment he realized how much his father loved him.

Thus, he proceeded to wipe out a whole family to leave no trace of them as his own family his dad was gone. I guess it is a half way appeasement for me. To make matters worse, Jae-in is a loud drunk and Cha-don is forced to wheel her down the street in his own wheelchair.

Perhaps the relationship with the ex was not too good? What do we owe those we love? For money for his family, he was willing to do anything. I always forget to mention this but Jae In looks like a mushroom with her short hair. Good acting by all parties.


Park Sang-min slowly peeled back those layers so that at any given moment, you could sympathize with his plight or hate his guts. At the savings bank, Cha-don notices something amiss in the audit records: I liked the show in the beginning but loved it by the end. Despite the astonished guests, Cha Don looked at his bride with eyes full of love and happiness. Hopefully he will enjoy his time in prison.

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She finds Cha-don lying unconscious in a nearby ditch and stays by his side in the ambulance, pleading for him to stay alive. I am with you there.


Sigh, the acting is pretty good though. And yeah, I was also kinda pissed off when Se Kwang received confirmation that Cha Don was Kang Seok when he could’ve done that frigging thing the moment Cha Don started instant messaging him.

Se-kwang then approaches Prosecutor Kwon for an advance to use as ammunition for battle. Posted 19 May – Though I love all those heart-tugging scenes as well as the funny ones, it’s the mind game that has kept me glued.

Her attack gooddrqma CD on the bed is hilarious, but then she is relegated to comic relief. The baddies are told that Cha-don is indeed alive but has sustained a serious head injury.

His forgiveness has a more significant impact than it should have because she didn’t show any signs of compassion towards the young CD when his father died and his mother imprisoned. However, i do agree with some hooddrama the comments regarding the less than stellar character script for our females in this drama.

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Later, he gains back his lost vision with the help of the secret lobbyist, Ok Chae Ryung and gets reborn under the name of Kang Incarjation Tan. It was just a stretched out five minutes of boring. XD Thanks for the recap!