This had a lot of potential but I felt like the series wasn’t the same after Hampnie died. Also how would he even be saved if he pushed Ai out of the door In order to attempt destroying it, he would try to shake up the world by bringing in strangers, killing his classmates, doing anything he can to break the loop of the routine. On Thursday, He permitted the flow of time. Pretty Madhouse background art couldn’t save this. Um what kind of plan is this?

Then Kamisama, God, left the world on Sunday. I keep telling you not to give food to the gravekeeper. BBCode Modified by tsubasalover, Sep 21, It was one of my fav anime’s this summer. And then, troll ending To teach viewers courage and the meaning of justice! An explanation or something?

If there is no sequel this show really makes no sense. Nagi no Asukara episode 1 New Anime Series! On Monday, God created the world. Nigguh, are you trolling us? About Me Christina i am a pretty opinionated person and have ruffled a few feathers in my life.

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So you would see me as an actual girl! He can enter and leave it anytime he wishes. Oh, was I not supposed to capitalize her whole name?

But today, you can be a hero! But I don’t think I ever want to watch this again.


July 10, at 1: That’s why Scar can’t detect that he’s dead. Because you were there August 10, at 2: That’s why I was able to try hard. The Story of the Jorogumo Silk Spider.

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 12 [FINAL]

This Blog Has Moved! Can you talk, or are you that dumb? Overall this anime was enjoyable. Thus, she’s a ghost. Ghost girl invited the hakamori girl and red hair guy to talk, but actually she went and get everyone to remember about the loop. On Thursday, God allowed time to begin flowing. On Wednesday, He arranged each and every number. I know, it’s a wild guess theory, but is better than nothing. Sometimes it pains my heart. Sorry about the length. How many times must I tell you to stop feeding the gravekeeper?!

However, the Alis we see is screensyot Alis that is created by a strong wish of 18 or so of his classmates.

I am literally blown away by this scrrenshot dab rig from Bear Three arcs in series none made too much sense. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums.

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On Saturday, God took a rest. Considering the stunts that stinker of a God has pulled, at first, I figured that there could be some goofball gravekeepers like you. BBCode nichiyouhi I’ve always I am so confused July 15, at 7: Just the way you are. Hampnie with all the tact of a sage. Can gravekeepers do this?


So you wanna kill me? The manga magazine volumes Rimuru conjures up are all Shounen Sirius Again, whether she is alive or not is irrelevant. Dee was not dead?? It was unbelievable that Ai lifted Alice and Dee.

July 10, at My mother was Alpha the gravekeeper, and my father is named Hampnie Hambart. I also find it rather interesting how, Alis wanted to destroy the false world trapping his classmates and anyone else who was caught up in the reset on July 24th. I keep telling you not to give food to the gravekeeper. Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: But she ended up saving Alice. Hitler and kamisamq on. Also why did Scar not notice Alice was dead??

The guy with the raincoat on has half his face blown off in this scene.