Legendary Defender ‘ “. Archived from the original on July 15, List of Voltron characters. The Third Dimension , World Events Productions went back to the drawing board to develop a more traditionally animated series in an attempt to recapture the spirit of the original. Theise, ND, Kafatos, M. The series served as a sequel to the Lion Force Voltron series; among the tools used to bridge the gap between the two series was an official starmap as designed by Shannon Muir and finalized in partnership with World Events Productions.

Each episode is introduced by members of the cast and crew of Legendary Defender. Players will be able fight as the individual lions in an overhead shooter style gameplay to then form Voltron to take on Robeasts in a fighter style combat. Retrieved 31 May Wikiquote has quotations related to: Josh Blaylock on ‘Voltron: Retrieved August 27,

Voltron is getting ready to form! Defender of the Universe. In this iteration of Voltronthe Galaxy Alliance’s home planets are now overcrowded, and a fleet of explorers is sent to episove for new planets to colonize. He and a team of computational scientists joined Chapman 226 in fall, In AugustLego announced that a forthcoming Lego Ideas set based upon classic Voltron will be placed into production. The folder featured full-color artwork and text about the then-upcoming release of Voltron on DVD.


He fo been interviewed numerous times by: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, 14 1: Retrieved August 30, At the peak of the series’ popularity, Panosh Place released new Voltron toys, including action figures of the characters and a larger Voltron toy that could fit them.

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Announcement for Voltron – Fleet of Doom: July 21, [46]. Retrieved from ” https: The fifth season premiered on March 2,and consists of six episodes. Defender of the Universe The first five volumes together contain all the Lion Force episodes, which were broadcast as seasons 1 and 3, while the next three contain the Vehicle Team episodes, broadcast as season 2.

The box was repackaged as Voltron for its American release. Defenders of the Universe – Paradise Swnarioadapted the first story arc of the ongoing series, introducing the V and its pilots.

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spisode Retrieved April 28, The Netflix exclusive series Voltron: Interest in the property heightened after the box office success of Transformersanother film involving shape-changing robots. This article may lack focus or may be about more than one topic. Media Blasters released Fleet of Doom on July 28, as a full retail release. This page was last edited on 16 Februaryat Retrieved 31 May A Legend Forged ‘ “.


Narration by Peter Cullen who senaro provided voices in the Lions series. Defender of the Universe – Collection 7: United States portal Animation portal Anime and manga portal Cartoon portal Comics portal Television in the United States portal Video games portal s portal s portal s portal s portal. The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, 12 2.

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List of Voltron characters. In lateMattel released toys for the new Voltron Force series, while its online collectors’ site MattyCollector.

Due to the extreme popularity of the Lion Force Senarii and the lack of popularity of the Vehicle Team Voltron series, World Events Productions eventually elected against another alternate Voltron, and plans to adapt Albegas were aborted.

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Defender of the Universe – DVD news: Retrieved 7 August Defender of the Universe expansion set for their Monsterpocalypse battle miniatures game series in