Pushkar then asks if he can continue his relationship with her sister and she agrees. Jai promotes Bani to general manager at his office, which delights the three sisters. Episode 18 Episode Pushkar beats up Sahil and his friends and makes them all apologize to Bani for what they did. As Bani admits Ganga into the hospital, she learns a shocking and devastating truth. Meanwhile, Jai refuses to listen to Dadi’s belief that someone is in the outhouse, which causes Bani to search for herself. Bani and Daksh are just friends, and he is her brother-in-law. While Ganga and Jai have more clashing encounters, Bani’s thakurain becomes angry by Bani’s success, and plans to embarrass her in front of everyone.

Soon after, Dadi goes to the outhouse and her life is put in danger. Ranvir’s return has shocked the entire family, but they reluctantly let him stay in the Walia mansion. Months fly by and it seems like happy times have finally arrived for the Walia family. Bani and Jai leave the mansion to get Ganga’s medicine, but their car breaks down. In doing so, she completely ignores Ganga. As Ganga gets ready for going to Vidya’s birthday party, Bani has plans of her own. Jai refuses to give Bani money, but luckily Meera finds out what happened to Ganga and pays the money.

As Pronita visits Mount Abu, she begins to experience strange feelings and visions. Feeling its all her fault, Bani plans to leave Mumbai with Billo Massi and Ganga, but Jigyasa now does a totally different move.

Jai and Billo Massi take Ganga to the hospital, and Ganga’s sd is a success. Episode 10 Episode Bani refuses to use Daksh’s money to enroll Ganga in school, and she desperately searches for a job and she luckily gets one sf a waitress.

Later at the Walia Mansion, the head shaving ceremony for Varun begins and its a true Punjabi party. Little do they know that Ranvir has a plan to throw the sisters out of the Walia Mansion.

Bani adores them, but Pia thinks they’re old fashioned. Surprisingly, Jai arrives there and plays with Ganga. Bani stays away from Jai, but she has a feeling that Jai is somehow related to the wedding she’s catering for.


Jigyasa tells Bani and Meera the truth. Ganga then tries to convince Meera to let her mother supply the food for the wedding. Pia and Rano rush to jail to see Bani, and Pia then seeks Pushkar so that he could free her from jail.

Ranvir is being cared for and Pia’s condition is improving. Meera, however, gives up her wedding necklace and wants Jai and Bani to get back together. Upon finally seeing Meera’s face, Pronita goes into a state of shock and realizes she is Bani Walia.

The police arrest Bani on charges of thievery from the restaurant by Ranvir, but Pushkar is able get Bani out. Episode 17 Episode Ranvir and Rashi plan on staying at Jodhpur together, but Daksh unfortunately dies in an accident but he tells Mr. Bani and Jai leave the mansion to get Ganga’s medicine, but their car breaks down. Surprisingly, Pia returns to the Walia mansion after seventeen years and reunites with the family and meets the children.

When they return back to the Walia Mansion, they find out Jai is hosting a party for his new engagement. Bani leaves the Walia mansion after Jai kicks her out and blamed the death of the kids on her. Appalled by this behavior, Meera takes a drastic decision and decided to finally adopt Ganga and make Ganga her own.

Meanwhile, Ganga celebrates her sixth birthday and Meera tries to find happiness on her own birthday. Bani is forced to serve many drinks on a small plate, and she has a tearful reunion with her family, especially her younger sister, Rano.

As Ganga and Rahul meet and discover they are nearly opposites, Pronita has strange feelings of going to Mount Abu’s temple of Mother Kali. Soon after, Dadi goes to the outhouse and her life is put in danger. Episode 6 Episode 6. However, he refuses to listen to Bani, and Billo Massia leaves the mansion for a pilgrimage.

Jigyasa fakes a heart attack to stop her brother from finding out that Bani is Ganga’s mother, and it actually works. Despite Meera trying to butcher Pronita similar to how she did kaxamh Bani, Pronita beats her with the power of Mother Kali. However, when Jai finds out that Ganga is Bani’s daughter, Pallavi’s engagement party goes haywire. Bani plans to commit suicide and meanwhile Jai, in a fit of anger, destroys all of Bani’s belongings.


As the party continues, Jigyasa is shocked that her brother has given Meera the keys to the safe.

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Ganga collects money to save her mother from the false allegations put on her and meanwhile, the Walia family travels to Meerut to meet the groom’s family. Episode 26 Episode Meanwhile, Jigyasa returns from London and arrives at the wedding. They both have to stay in a hotel room together, but little do they know someone is behind all of this. Episode Episode Bani tries to enter the outhouse but Jigyasa tells her to leave.

Episode 4 Episode 4.

Meanwhile, Bani makes an agreement with Meera and decides to live in the outhouse, which greatly frightens Jigyasa. Taking advantage of the situation, Jigyasa tells Jai about Bani’s affair with Daksh. Episode 24 Episode Jai ignores Bani and Daksh, but when he returns home he takes his anger out on Meera. Jai once again becomes cold and angry after Bani’s revelation, and Ranvir tries to adapt to the family. The question of the relationship between Bani and Daksh stirs some problems and causes the priest’s daughter’s relationship to be rejected.

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What is the secret of this outhouse? Meanwhile, Bani frets over the secret in the orange envelope and tries to hide it from anyone else. And how will Jai react seeing his ex-lover?

Bani, Pia, and Rano are settling into their outhouse and they begin to realize Jai’s strictness. Xe declares his true love to Rash and vows to be with her his entire life.

Jai has accepted Meera as his wife but in Calcutta, a women named Pronita makes a decision to go to Mount Abu.