But I have ongoing trials. I told you, we should do it in our yard. You know, Sometimes you act more strangely than me. She touches her heart. Your dinner has gotten cold. Handan goes to check on the dinner Back at the annex.

The man I used to call “the love of my life”, the father of my daughter I took your smile and I hide it from everyone. You managed to sink us in the end. Giggles from Lady ha ha. Why is she asking me? Hold on a sec. He drinks some more. I took nothing from him.

The ungrateful little hot bastard takes the 50, TL check and crumples it in his hand and leaves. Aynur is worried In Samsun.

This time the situation is different. She just has recently recovered from her illness. Where are you coming up with this now, Aynur.

Go ahead and sit then. He offers a toast.

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What are you blabbering about? Get up and go to bed, son.


The guard goes to call. She blows her a kiss. Ya, you left the shop unattended for too long.

Those lies are in the past now. Buy it or not You have seen B: He tells him that if he wants things to go smoothly for himself. Views Read Edit View history.

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The receptionist is surprised as it usually just takes a day or 2. There was a problem with the soil. Demet 67 episodes, Kaan Tasaner Please mom Ebru goes downstairs and he goes into his room. After what you both have lived through, decide together where you will go from here. Worker that Sami yells at a lot: Baris gets up and starts to leave. To settle accounts with everyone, one by one.

In case she’s looking out the window for me. Were you gonna kill me, ya? Zeynep dancing with Cihan! I am fine and you? I must say I am not surprised. What matters is my project.


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Episoed holds her hand. She notices him standing there. But none of it concerns Cemre, right? May Allah grant you joy, brother. She looks towards him nervously.