There are no trailers or promos before being greeted by the distributor’s normal static menu screen and options where viewers can choose between the two films. I have been collecting Movies since I was 7 years old much to my wallet’s dismay. Nevertheless, both films come with a visible layer of grain, giving them an appreciable film-like presentation. The bibilical story of Abraham and Isaac is crucially invoked, played in voiceover counterpoint to a scene of a younger Biberkopf strangling his lover Ida Barbara Valentin. There are a couple of minor specs scattered about, and some minor fluctuations, but the source is otherwise in great shape and the clean-up job is impressive. The supplemental features on the disc include original trailers for the two films; new video interview with writer Kazuo Koike; and new video interview with screenwriter Norio Osada. It is no wonder why Lady Snowblood seems so modern given the wide use of the same songs in the modern retelling.

The extras for this release are really quite a treat. In Japanese, with optional English subtitles for the main feature. During the last few minutes he talks about the sequel, Love Song of Vengeance and the direction he went on that, breaking more away from the source. In a fluid long-take shot of her calmly walking away, Fujita shows there isn’t a man who can match her deadly proficiency as Yuki easily executes one after the other without missing a beat in her stride, with the same ease one swats away a bothersome fly. What’s your nex t favori t e movie? A Star Is Born. In all other respects, though, the Blu-ray, sourced from the same restoration as the DVD, offers merely an HD upgrade of the older discs.

Discuss the film and Blu-ray here. I love the snowy landscapes and the way Tamura captured them on film. He also talks about the artwork, reviiew films, and shares his opinion on Meiko Kaji, who reviwe the lead. Love Song of Vengeance The second film begins with a short prologue in which we are informed that the Russo-Japanese War has ended. Her plan is to have a baby who can grow up and seek vengeance in her nameā€¦and it works.


The Complete Lady Snowblood Blu-ray Review | High Def Digest

Before she was even conceived, Yuki was born into a predetermined path that ultimately molded her into the steadfast person we see on screen, predisposed and impacted by the destructive sins of others. ReDVDit is actively seeking business partnerships. If that is indeed the case, it does not take away from the fact that these films are remarkable in their own right.

January 5, Buy: Limbs are chopped off, people are halved and blood is constantly spraying everywhere in nice healthy streams. Snowblkod the purposes of this review I will only cover the features grouped with Lady Snowblood.

If one thing is clear at this point, this young baby is doomed to a life of vengeance, this is the birth of Lady Snowblood. The Blu-ray makes up for this by using the correct PAL frame rate, marking revieq immediate upgrade from the prior release. It is clear that nothing will stop her on her journey to fulfill her destiny.

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The Complete Lady Snowblood Blu-ray

One can even hear the clopping sounds of getas on snowbloood floors and the creaking noises of other characters moving inside the buildings. Enough so that it invigorated the initial love of the Kill Bill franchise in me, so much so, that I immediately started those films as well.

Sign Up for Our Weekly Newsletter. The fantastic Japanese uncompressed PCM mono soundtracks display a surprisingly broad image with a lzdy mid-range where beautifully discrete highs make every whoosh of Yuki’s sword and the whizz of the blood spray distinctly audible.

Videos 3 days ago. Love Song of Vengeance” arrive on Blu-ray courtesy of Criterion.

Love Song of Vengeancewhich replaces single-minded filial fury with a more nebulous consideration of political corruption. The supplemental features on the revieww include original trailers for the two films; new video interview with writer Kazuo Koike; and new video interview with screenwriter Norio Osada.


Final Thoughts Although an argument could be made in favor of the second half of the s, the ‘Lady Snowblood’ films, for me, marks the official inauguration of cinema’s strong, liberated female empowering archetype that revew now become commonplace in film and television.

: Lady Snowblood Blu-ray Review

Arrow had previously released the films together on Blu-ray in the UK back in View packaging for this Blu-ray Share: Already a star in Japan after the success of the Female Prisoner and Wandering Ginza Butterfly films revieww, the actress gets the lion’s share of attention in virtually every single sequence.

We are looking to branch out our services. The two are immensely engrossing tales of vengeance and redemption, genuine grindhouse cult classics that have garnered a devoted following and have crietrion quite influential for many generations since.

Things are just toned down a smidge. The features are as follows: This is important because I still know a handful of people who have a very specific idea of what type of films Criterion releases. Rainer Werner Fassbinder Screenwriter: Ultimately, Lady Snowblood and Lady Snowblood: Yuki is advised that Tokunaga has a critical document that could bring down the government. The few blurry, softer moments are easily forgiven resulting from the photography at the time and the condition of the elements.

Blog 18 hours ago. Traces of a Lost Decadegenre films of the decade, ranging from film noir to horror to police procedurals, use similar stylistic devices to articulate their plots.