In the event that the Contractor desires to subcontract some part of the work specified herein, the Contractor shall furnish the purchasing agency the names, qualifications and experience of their proposed subcontractors. The medication shall be marked, noting the individual’s name and type of medication contained. Additionally, it will maintain these during the entire term of the contract and that all insurance coverages will be provided by insurance companies authorized to sell insurance in Virginia by the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Whenever and wherever during the course of performing any work under this contract, the Contractor discovers the presence of asbestos or suspects that asbestos is present, he shall stop the work immediately, secure the area, notify the Building Owner and await positive identification of the suspect material. All persons and vehicles entering the prison complex are subject to being searched. Means shall be provided to operate manually the drive assembly with a suitable hand crank that is easy to access from the front of the unit. Pocketbooks, handbags, or wallets, will be allowed, but shall be subject to search. All tools and ladders shall be removed daily from the inside of the Institution.

The Contractor’s equipment and personnel shall be subject to security checks and associated delays therefrom. This device shall be active and in no way shall the machine be made operable by means of by-passing any or all of the safety devices. The location of control shall be within arm’s reach when sitting or standing at the posting board. Vertical lifts, lektrievers, megastar lifts, NationWideShelving. Wiring from the key-pad logic board and the microprocessor system logic board shall be of the ribbon cable edge connector or equivalent flexible cable harness type for quick and easy access for maintenance. Doing business nationwide, and across North America, no one else has the experience with vertical lifts, that we do, and no one else can match our price or our customer service. All persons and vehicles entering the prison complex are subject to being searched.

The electric lateral filing lektrieever minimize physical effort such as twisting, lektrieevr, and lifting, providing easy operation regardless of the user’s body size, posture or mobility. Any impairment or incapacitation from the use of alcohol or other drugs except the use of drugs for legitimate medical purposes.

Safety Control System shall be designed to stop the conveyor system if any obstruction exists between the carrier and posting board or access door. The System shall inform the operator as to the nature of the alarm activation by means of a safety status display. Ladders left on vehicles shall be chained and locked at all times. At the push of a button, the shelves will rotate to automatically bring requested files to an ergonomically positioned work counter.


The Contractor shall provide all structural supports, mechanical and electrical connections, and any other incidental items necessary to provide a completely operational system. During the downtime in such a case, the Contractor shall not disturb any surrounding surfaces but shall protect the area with suitable dust covers.

Any deficiencies shall be promptly and permanently corrected by the Contractor at the Contractor’s sole expense prior to final acceptance of the work. Maximum stopping distance of the conveyor system shall not exceed one inch.

Kardex Lektriever motorized electric file cabinets stand upright vertically to convert wasted overhead airspace space into productive file storage space. Full width florescent light with diffuser shall be provided above the access opening. Work shall be performed by competent technicians who are employees of the Contractor and familiar with the specific equipment. The Contractor further acknowledges and certifies that he understands that a violation of these prohibitions constitutes a breach of contract and may result in default action being taken by the Commonwealth in addition to any criminal penalties that may result from such conduct.

All persons and vehicles entering the prison complex are subject to being searched. The normal light or indicator shall display that a safe condition exists and the unit may now be operated. The Kardex roll-out file drawers can be accessed with less than five pounds of force, and the ADA fixed seating posting board allows easy, natural access to retrieved stored files or other materials by disabled employees.

Each reference shall include the name of the organization, the complete mailing address, the name of a contact person and telephone number.

Warranty repairs shall be completed within 2 days after oral notification. Should the institution be operating when the units are delivered, the Contractor shall comply with the additional following requirements: Covers 18 GA I. The Contractor shall provide three 3 loose-leaf bound operation and maintenance manuals including applicable electrical and mechanical schematics, parts list, and copy of all warranties.

Arrangements for site visit can wejght made by contactingMr. Remstar Lektriever File Cabinets formerly known as MegaStar MediaStation Cabinets are a series of vertically arranged revolving file shelves or file drawers.

Remstar Lektriever File Cabinets | Kardex Electric Lateral Filing Machines

Under normal operating conditions, the “normal” light will display green, white or appropriate message. All carriers shall be supported through the use of at least two stabilizing rollers per carrier, one per side, or other approved equivalent method. The parking of vehicles shall be restricted to this area. All tools and ladders shall be removed daily from the inside of the Institution. All security regulations shall be observed at all times.


Kardex Electric Lateral Filing Machines are Ergonomically Designed ADA Compliant File Cabinets The electric lateral filing machines minimize physical effort such as twisting, bending, and lifting, providing easy operation regardless of the user’s body size, posture or mobility.

Posting Board – Adjustable: These will be made known to the Contractor and his representatives by the Institutional Security Chief or his designee, at the point of entrance to the Institution. The Commonwealth of Virginia is to be named as an additional insured with respect to the services being procured. Available in heights of 8′, 9′, 10′, 11′ and 12′ and in widths of 47″, 77″, “, ” and “. The institution shall have advance notification of names of all personnel who will be utilized.

Carrier Ends 16 GA E.


Mechanical Drive and Guide Component: Some of Our Clients. Buy Office Cabinets Online.

Posting board will have a rounded front edge and no sharp corners for operator safety. Drugs used for medication is permitted only as stated herein. Work vehicles shall be identified by Year, Make, Model, and license number.

Riedel or FAX seeies, in order to expedite the work so as to cause minimal disturbance to facilities. All work requiring a Contractor’s License will be the responsibility of the Agency.

The second safety system shall consist of a “floating safety bar” or other approved equivalent device located at any posting board level and at the top of the file access security door level.

Movement of the board shall be stabilized using a rack and pinion on left and right with an adjustable torsion spring or dual gas cylinders with counter balance or other approved functionally equivalent method. The Contractor shall notify the Agency’s Representative at least seven working days prior to beginning such work. Benefits of Remstar Lektriever File Cabinets: No weapon, alcohol or drugs are allowed on State property.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Cycle speed, will be seven seconds for one revolution. The Contractor shall perform the described work in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and these Specifications. If a safety device activates, the warning light monitoring that particular leotriever system shall immediately display red or indicate a hazardous condition.

The Contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that all personnel connected with the work comply with the rules and regulations of the Agency. When not in use, seties tools and ladders shall be securely locked.