Read the tooltip, Riot tells us Ashe critically strikes, but the damage is just modified. This narrative of people not reading tooltips is cynical and totally incorrect here. We already have an item right now that works in a similar way, its called essence reaver. In her original rework they were all considered crits if I remember correctly, they just changed how her crits worked. ER activates on ult but reduces CD of normal abilities. It’s really only got cheese potential, hard to make consistently work. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Riot directly tells us they are crits so I pretty much answered myself.

Ashe critically hits, the damage is just modified. A good Yasuo will always build a Zeal upgrade before IE. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Best esports games in History Announcements Join our Discord Chat for fun conversations and finding a group! Sounds powerful to me. It was when they reworked her, but they probably realized it would be problematic to have Ashe’s auto be considered ‘crit’, because then you couldn’t make items like the ones they just introduced.

I don’t think there was ever been a moment with just one critical strike item. However, this “crit” instead applies triple the slow.

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No, no it is not. Dps of using it is totally irrelevant. Both zeal item and ie is more expensive, you could start buying a 3rd item normally at that point.

It can crit and when it does, instead of dealing crit dmg, it doubles the slow. I even gave him an easy way to prove that the AAs on frosted targets are not crits yet he still refuses to acknowledge that.


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But the important part is that she actually crits just like any other champion, it just doesn’t deal bonus dmg, but instead slow more, so this thread is a bit pointless. Ashe’s passive got the auto-crit rework in 5. Infinity Edge only applies to Ashe’s “crit” and not her damage modified crit chance buff. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. The point of Ashe’s passive is that the random bonus damage that crut chance gives you is averaged out.

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When she crits, her AA’s don’t deal extra damage, instead, they slow for more. PD, executioner’s, cloak and dagger Like if you run it with comet and scorch it can be entertaining. It’ll help you E more, but that’s actually all you get. ER has a max CDR of 30 so it’s a bit better at 3 items and way better at 1 item.

Ashe critically hits, the damage is just modified. Her bonus damage to slowed targets is a basic attack, not a critical strike. They changed how Ashe’s crits work asne the beginning at Season 6 due to the first iteration of Warlord’s Blootlust giving a lot of stats every time you crit. So they changed her passive. Infinity Edge’s new passive does not contribute to this equation.

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Edit – and like – tyrndymere. But changing it to not count as a crit wasn’t exactly highly broadcast, most people probably missed it. She used to crit with every hit past the first, and that seems to have stuck with people. The bonus damage stopped counting as crit in 5. Hm we’d have to test to know for sure. Jesus christ sit down and at least try to think.


On top of that.

She can crit normally like any other champion in the game, thats all there is to it. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. There is nothing to “tweak”.

If anything, ie change is a nerf and his core will take longer to buy. Even with transcendence which would max cdr on old ER, you would still have more on the new ER with the potential to even get an extra 10CDR from another item somewhere. I mean, it would work seeason without tweaking, but wouldn’t be so consistent.

Now she can crit randomly but the crits apply a stronger slow now, so IE is as good as it ever was on her. Yes, it does scale with crit chance, but it’s an amplifier and no, it’s not a critical strike. People don’t read the abilities, do they? madteries

The reason this is being asked is because it used to work differently and they quickly changed it. For mid lane Yasuo this is a nerf without question. Ashe can critically strike as normally, but instead of doing bonis damage, her slow triples.

So that’s the issue.