What will a sexually abused child think of her mother who does not believe her at all? After his father passes away soon after being diagnosed with lung cancer, Jerome is left with no choice but to help his mom take care of his siblings. How did Mely manage to hide the truth from her children for 15 years? But when her mom suddenly dies, she begins to hate her grandfather for telling her the stories which she now sees as lies. Their rift reaches the point where they are practically strangers to each other. Solly, a pretty singer whose beautiful voice captivates the heart of a young boy named Jun. The story features a young girl named Jenny who grew up craving the love and care of her working parents. Belinda, is a school proprietress who becomes a victim of unwanted sexual advances from a high-ranking official in an agency where she is trying to secure a school permit.

Alice is forced to raise the boy while Eleng earns a living abroad. Francis is a teenage boy who finds amusement and solace in TV shows at an early age. At the age of 16, he was able to establish the Dynamic Teen Company which provides alternative education by recreating school settings in unconventional locations such as cemeteries and dump sites. Jawo an ugly and impoverished will cross paths with the beautiful and wealthy Christie. In the absence of her mother’s guidance, Joy started exploring her sexuality and ended up getting pregnant by her boyfriend, who eventually left her to raise their baby alone. Nana Rosa is a year-old mom who made a lot of sacrifices just so she can send her children to school.

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What will a daughter do to make up for her mistakes? Know why they had to rush tying the knot while Hazzy was confined in the hospital. How will life teach Paul the value of giving time for his family and his career? What happens when Eva is forced to ask help from Ester this time? Jose brings his one-month-old sibling with him when he goes to school.

Believing that their relationship will get better, Carmi followed the whims of her husband. But then Nathan eventually confesses his love for Rox so they decide to keep their relationship secret.

With Lira as her playmate, Daniella gets exposed to street games, street food, and small carnivals, though her mom would often scold her about engaging in such activities. But when her life is put at stake, she ends up running away from home, leaving her children at the mercy of her cruel husband. Being around each other almost every day finally opens their eyes to the possibility of romance.


As fate would have it, he would later fall in love with his idol’s namesake, who, to him, is also as beautiful as her. A twist of fate brings the young and bingas Jean to the barrio and Chato does not take to the idea of having to work with someone like her.

When an opportunity for her to sing at funerals comes her way, Santa discovers that she can still use her talent to bring honor to the dead.

Carmi is a funny, loud and outgoing lady, who was forced by her husband Ian movis become timid and formal for the sake of their marriage. Rennie and Garry’s friendship was strengthened by their dedication and love for the country. Brought together by their passion for dancing, Herbert and Elena have been close friends since high school up to their college days.

But behind his usual demeanor is a dying man who desperately wants to make a difference to fill the emptiness in his heart. As both struggle with their own failed romance, Michelle and David found themselves falling for each other. Continuation of the two-part special tribute for SAF Christine Balaguer became one of the Top 13 candidates in this year’s Miss World Philippines pageant. At the hospital where she is to be confined, she meets Stuart, a nurse who would later, be the one who is “always assigned” to assist her.

The story of rival honor students Neneng and Celo, who will eventually find themselves bound by brotherss.

Antonio is forced to offer “extra service” to his clients in order to earn more money for the sake of his daughter April who is diagnosed with a serious illness.

When she gets married at the age of 17, Nene tries to concentrate on raising a family, but she later goes back to her dangerous job when she catches her husband cheating on her. But she soon realizes that it’s going to be a tough journey since brijgas far behind in their class.

Pinky is a lovable and brothfrs adoptive daughter to her aunt and uncle, who had to endure the maltreatment of her cousin, Rene. But instead of raising her family’s quality of life, Carla ends up in the hands of a cruel employer who almost kills her stoory several months of maltreatment.


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With their combined expertise, their funeral business boomed until Delfin’s sister Magdalena came into the picture. The lady happens to be dealing with heartbreak at that time. She teaches Paolo to value every moment they are alive by living life to the fullest and making unforgettable happy memories. The young Rene not only finds a family; he is attracted to Maxi and Filemon’s daughter, Jovel, and falls in love. However, after the death of their soldier father, Elmer chose to come out as gay—a decision disliked by Eric, who borthers a closet queen.

They learned to forgive each other and they brothesr that their relationship is far more important than their business. But Jane eventually left the convent to marry the man she unexpectedly fell in love with. But despite knowing that it was a mistake, Rosa continued her affair with Boyet, who did everything to save their relationship.

Carlos is an academically excellent working student who is driven to earn his diploma and get a decent job to support his brotherz.

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Witness in the story how Jeff Bringass Cruz gave up everything in order to help his younger brother Kurt He is the younger brother of fellow actor and dancer Rodjun Cruz. Helen Bringas Allan Paule Ester decides to work as a manicurist in a parlor owned by her friend Eva.

They went through the toughest test of their lives as they could lose their lives any minute. Because no one is closely looking after her welfare, Jenny is raped at the age of seven broters their laundry-woman’s live-in partner. His father, Bong, is a pastor while his mother, Myrna, is a pious woman.

However, Lyka’s life worsened even more as she became addicted to drugs and got impregnated by a family man. What inspires a child like Jose to stand up and raise his little siblings?