The narrator revealed that the former serviceman has started working at another restaurant. While one employee leaves upon identifying Charles Stiles during the confrontation, the other two workers are fired and the other one persuaded his boss to spare him while apologizing for not catching the action sooner. The series, hosted by Charles Stiles, debuted on May 25, Wente of Western Electric developed the next breakthrough with the first condenser microphone, in , the first practical moving coil microphone was built. To find out, she calls in the Mystery Diners who outfit the bar with hidden cameras and go in undercover to see what is really happening when the boss is away. The Mystery Diners discover that the manager Joe is not behind the rigging.

The narrator states that the former employees failed at starting their own business. Season 11 – April 21, Charles Stiles and the Mystery Diners descend upon The Blue Moose where longtime chef “Grumpy Tom” has a knack for disrespecting everyone in the place including the newly installed second-generation owner. Himself 1 episode, Michael T Stewart Super High Me This change in style coincided with the out of the pronounced front peak of the original headdress. Esdras and Javier, the owners of Mexicali Tacos in Los Angeles hear rumors that customers are ordering off-menu items. The owner’s son is not doing his job and is seen kissing his girlfriend who is the hostess of Chapeau!.

Mystery Diner 1 episode, George Farge When Roland, owner of Marigny Brasserie in New Orleans, notices an influx of rowdy tourists at his “locals bar,” he contacts Charles to investigate.

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Scott, the owner of Rhythm Kitchen in Las Vegas, suspects his sophisticated, but slightly arrogant, wine sommelier is somehow negatively affecting spirit sales. Matters are made worse when the Diners point to a waitress who is selling free food to her friends with the manager’s flyers. Michael, the owner of Newport Beach Brewing Company in Newport Beach, Californiaasks Charles to investigate his onsite brewmaster who is suspected of running a side business.


Three years later Bixby bought into the property and would form the Bixby Land Company. When Mario, the owner of La Traviata in Long Beach, Californiabecomes concerned over complaints with respect to the quality of his fish, Charles and the Mystery Diners discover that a recently hired chef may not be honest about what’s in his high-priced dishes.

A pub owner in Los Angeles suspects that one of her bartenders might be overpouring for customers, giving away too many free drinks and overtipping himself. It is also the home of the oldest still operational McDonalds restaurant in the world, as of the census, the city had a total population ofThe narrator revealed that the former cashiers had found employment elsewhere. The narrator revealed that the mascot made amends and no longer lets anyone else wear the costume, and the roommate is still unemployed.

The process is repeated until all cars are parked, utilizing as much lane space as possible, meanwhile keeping the lanes moving.

In his exit interview, the former bartender said that his firing is messed up and Bob hired a “D-List Sherlock Homes” to investigate the rigging of the trivia contest. The series, hosted by Charles Stiles, debuted on May 25, So to appease him, Derrick has made him a host.

Lima in the early 19th century, duners the Monastery of San Francisco. Likewise people who dont have time to search for a parking spot can valet park without the hassle, Valet parking is especially convenient in bad weather. The Blasphemy of Owen Barnes Mystery Diner Jessica goes undercover as a waitress to prove just how grumpy Tom is and how his attitude negatively affects business.

Mystery Diners Jamie and Brianna go undercover and discover a bigger problem inside the dining room. Actor 1 episode, The Mystery Diners discover that the manager Anthony as well as the other staff plan to give the money they made to a real charity the one Doug sometimes donates towhich involved male staff members shaving their heads to prove their legitimacy.


The remaining employee has made amends with his boss.

A formal induction follows, in which the new member affirms his loyalty to the club, the final logo patch is then awarded. Dead of Night The Mystery Diners go undercover and discover a bigger problem with a disgruntled waiter who is stealing money cwst supplies from the restaurant. The manager was also ordered to give money back to Charles and is also fired.

Mystery Diners

When Mark tells her to leave him alone, Jessica retaliates by voiding his customers’ orders and is the direct cause their complaints. During the confrontation, the manager and maintenance man are fired.

The pizza chef they bought from Staten Island has been promoted to manager. Brad was not necessarily a bad waiter, but he lacked confidence and had a bit of a temper. Over the years these microphones were developed by companies, most notably RCA that made large advancements in pattern control.

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The narrator revealed that the former manager maintains he did nothing wrong. Jason has apologized and rides his bike safely. Try entering your rating again. During the confrontation, Bob is finally fired and told to take his leg brace with him. Himself – Host Rest of cast listed alphabetically: