Sonic Boom , Sonic Mania. Silver’s Boss Battle Theme , which is the theme used in Sonic ’06 whenever you fight him, Shadow, or Sonic in the three storylines. Listen to it here. The Boss and Final Boss themes are both amazing works of 8 bit glory. Despite being Dummied Out in the original game alongside its associated stage and character, the salsa-esque Sunset Town still makes appearances on the official soundtrack and with rereleases, and deservedly so. You can’t go wrong with that. Track 01, ” Love You Sonic ” has a deliciously funky beat to it. A electronic beat with great drums and wind work makes you feel like you’re cutting through a jungle.

Finishing off the awesome boss trilogy, we have a remix of the Egg Emperor boss music from Sonic Heroes , somehow being even more fast-paced and harder than the original. That has largely to do nowadays at least with emulator issues that cause some of the synths in that tune to sound screwy. The remix of Hydrocity is basically the best thing ever. Carnival Night Zone Act 1. Even the short jingles are catchy; just try Groove Rush 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7. The music used for the small Star Wars shoutout is pretty epic, too. May 6, 7: The bass-heavy Labyrinth Zone stage music takes a lot of the sting out of the series’ first water levels.

The music for Levitated Ruin, High and Broken. Wacky Workbencha Western-sounding track that goes with the wide open space around the area that can be seen in this time period’s version of the factory while it is under construction. The player can only hear it once in the game, but the music that plays when Shadow becomes Super Shadow is nothing short of godly.

For Sonic ’06they actually did a remix of this song for Sonic’s ending, and they did it newgrounes Akon! Notable in that this and the above theme both use a sample from The A-Team”Layin’ the wax and spinnin’ the center. He’s focused on finding the emerald, but has more of a connection to Sonic and secretly misses him. Which is nothing compared to the soni, orchestrated version of the same song.


The Act 2 arrangement of Eggman Empire Zone. Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic and the Black Knight ‘s soundtrack brought the return of Crush 40, who didn’t fail to impress. These are made by MarnicX from Newgrounds. The Classic remix of Sky Sanctuary Zone adds booming nwegrounds percussion for an excellent take on the classic tune. This Power Metal cover is at least its equal, though.

This Horizon is a really great theme for the title screen. Notably it, along with Star Light Zone, was reused as the music on the option screens for Sonic Advance. This remix ain’t bad, either. This theme is so good that someone made a brand new remix in its style, which has seen itself get used unlezshed certain Sonic Game Mods.


Some fans have even considered it an unofficial theme to Generations. Boss – Eggman vs. And you can now get a lot of this music on iTunes! Knuckles Chaotix fans rejoiced.

Splash Hill Zone Act 3 is more upbeat within the same atmosphere. With Emerald Hillthe game’s soundtrack hits the ground running, the lively, upbeat music setting the stage for epksode fast-pace fun ahead.

Ghost Town is a funky tune that sounds like something out of a 70’s spy movie. The final boss remix! Shame you only hear it once and for a few seconds. The Special Stage Theme.

This remix of Aquatic Base is beautiful beyond description.

This Live and Learn remix by Chesderman, used as the soundtrack at 0: Jun Senoue later admitted that it was his favorite song for this game. Bonus points for the top melody sounding like some sort of deranged lullaby. Phase 1 is a foreboding retro-style piece with ominous chanting in the nuleashed for your first foray with a nigh-unstoppable foe.

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Woodwinds and piano come together to give you the ultimate ambiance. And the “gumball machine” stage is backed by an energetic track that gives a real sense of fun to dispensing a long line of powerups and rings. The team select screen music is probably one of the funkiest video game menu themes ever conceived. The legendary Mushroom Hill Zone. World’s Largest Unicyclethe boss theme of Titanic Tower, is some pretty good dubstep. The Prime Time Act 2 follows suit in newyrounds fast pace!


Flying Battery Zone Act 1 will give you an answer with more beats.

Sonic & The Dark Emeralds Episode 3 (Original)

Both themes feature new down-mixed sections that reduce the bass and creates an awesome-sounding crescendo when the main melody returns. Sega apparently liked it enough to specifically pick it out for a remix sung by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi. The Kirby’s Epic Yarn -like piano certainly helped. Tikal’s themeas mysterious and mystical as the girl herself.

Similarities between songs in the finished game and songs by Michael have been noted by fans, but the only song actually confirmed to be composed by him is the credits themewhich featured a chord progression that would later be used in “Stranger in Moscow”. Newgrouds Puppet Zone, Act 2. Jan 12, And, of course, the Crush 40 Cover reworks the techno main theme into a face-melting rock anthem. Panic Puppet Act 2an absolutely amazing song that fits the fact that it is the final level.

Sky Road 1’s music seems to encapsulate the spirit of Lost World From chiptune to ZUN -tunes: It’s short, but great. The Remix soundtrack is about an hour’s worth of negga. Brawl ‘s awesome soundtrack.