But he is happy to sit back and watch her give up her chance of a normal life by becoming a gisaeng? So to cause her less trouble i think that’s why she also agreed to let him work there. His calm and collected presence disappeared once we sat down for the interview, his casual and fun side comes out naturally. Prev 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 Next Page 48 of Seo pour a bucket of water over his head! Moving onwards again for this opportunity to be in Singapore and to walk, is also a chance not all can get within a year of debut.

March 17, Sun 6: In life, a true love only comes once, if any. Some jealousy would be good. He looked kinda shocked. What a life he has. It looks as though she may be softening towards him. The transition was speedy from being a previous athlete to prepare myself to become an actor. But this is crazy.

New Tales of Gisaeng episodes 21 – 30 review: Sa Ran and Da Mo

Again, I have been very lucky from the start of my career, being approached by my company today and being the right personality for my debut drama [New Tales of Gisaeng]. They will remain as the victor of life. Sign In Sign Up. But she still refuses. He is a shrewd talker. Sa-ran wonders why Da-mo wants to spend his time like this. Sa-ran is fierce, don’t mess with her. She collapses in shock and has to be carried out!

Undrwater finds her and tries to get her to leave the house and marry him.

She recognises her and takes her to a coffee shop to talk. It’s perhaps your last opporunity, to find bliss as a woman. They meet by the river and she wears the hairpin that he gave her.


New Tales of Gisaeng episodes 21 – 30 review: Sa Ran and Da Mo – dramasROK

Why is he lying? But it should be realy interesting ksis see how DM’s dad reacts when DM offically introduces SR to his family if dad has already seen her at the giaseng house. This is a turning point for Da Mo. If he can kiss her under water in the pool as in he waited that long to kiss her he can wait till she is ready.

I think Da Underwated will be shocked to see his father at the gisaeng house. If he did, he would probably be keen to set up a love nest with her away from his parents. Da Mo goes to the gisaeng house and tries to persuade her to leave. Either he can’t bear it and he leaves, or Sa Ran, you accept his heart. Im sucked into watching RAW even though I hae no clue what they are saying They’re kinda like co-workers.

Lee purposely gives Sa Underdater lots to drink. His mum says his dad will go mad when he finds out and gisawng cut him off completely. Or maybe she caught SR and DM talking earlier in the day?? Link Reply Thread Hide 1 comment Show 1 comment.

By 0ly40 Started June 18, Instead of telling her that, Fisaeng am going to lie it’s because she won’t put out came out because my desire to strangle him every time he was on-screen was so strong. He slaps her face. When a person is neared by troubling hardship, each time they overcome it well, a joint grows tougher.

OK, So Sa Ran becomes a gisaeng. I for one would help you but I am no computer tech sorry. Da-mo is now part of the family. Yes, I hope she makes him suffer and suffer and suffer. The floral design on her hanbok is the same as the person that’s standing in front of Sa Ran after she’s been slapped.


Anyway what she did was unpardonable. I checked the stuff about later eps and I think I am back on board! Posted April 11, He is totally against that as he wants to marry her properly. On top of owning a handphone, she was secretly ‘rendezvousing’ a client who is older gieaeng 50years old she admitted to 5 occasionsshe had tarnished the reputation of BuYonGak, undermining virtues which the other girls are trying hard to uphold.

But Da Mo is turning on the charm with the head gisaengs and he wins them over so they all try to tapes him instead! After that he is nice to them. Everyone gathers around and in the end Sa Ran makes Mr. On a personal note, it is a form of self-expression and it is not identical to another.

Learning how to wait tables. She storms off and he tries to grab her and hug her but she pulls away. Neutral Good for Practicality by timeasmymeasure.

Da Mo has another plan. She refuses his offers of money and help — he offers to start a dance studio for her. I’m really like SR’s sister. He tries to drag her away. His first tip ever I wonder how long it’s getting to take SR and DM to get married.

Because of the injury I had, I had to give it up and I was thinking to myself.