I am looking for some dubbed case closed for my girlfriend, If any one knows of some dubbed case closed, please leave a message here torrents, or direct download but when I get on high speed, I hope by the end of the month , I will be uploadding the first season of inuyasha, the first, second, and third inuyasha movies, I hope some yyh, and maby FLCL if I can find it. Hi I just bought loads of the things you are asking for on http: San Juan Wolf , Dec 5, If you want free online anime visit http: Feb 16, Reputation: If anyone has an account with http: If you know about any site, can you tell me or send me an e-mail please? OK people, whoever gets me all shaman king episodes in english gets free stuff, including free runescape stuff, awesome pics, a halarious mini animation, cool music, and all gundam seed destiny episodes, naruto and more anime in english non of that japanese crap.

I am the number one fan of InuYasha, no matter what. Uh, does any body know where I can download or direct download case closed or detective conan. Also, I have about gb of songs anime music included. Hey alan, try crunchyroll. Log in to VIZ Don’t have an account? Japanese, english subtitled Shaman King can be found at omganime. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh o…k something strange happened to that message… half it its missing… but yeh do you know any direct download sites and torrents dont seem to like me I always get viruses Y. If any1 wants direct manga downloads then you should go to http:


But don’t look so gloomy about the series. Where can you find Inuyasha episodes all of them dubbed in english with no subtitles?

Anyone know where to get direct English episodes of Shaman King? Just to add on: Why doesn’t tenjou tenge have a season 2? Feedback Please submit a suggestion, comment or question – we would love to hear from you! Can oe help me? Hey narutofan, although i agree with shadowblast, you can find avatar at http: Where can I find Fruits basket manga?

Your username or email address: Episode 30 has already came out. I would really appreciate any help i can get! I used to be a donator, and they just took my money. Does anyone pay for it and would like to share their username?

Oh and Meghan, try opening that thing you downloaded using zoom player. The major loss in money and resources was caused by not being able to sell the anime.

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If you have time to waste, go to http: I also know some sites to direct download… so ask! Episodw unimpressive written on paper, than in html more than 11 years ago! I also like bleach but there are plenty of bleach site out there.

Tirrent or direct download is fine. I bought the whole collection everything to do with Slayers from ebay. So, if any one had any dubbbed anime they want to shair, send animerratio to me, and it will be posted. I already have the originals, but I need the subs to actually understand it. Now, I have quest and I dont need it.


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He said that it’s at about half way now so you can probably expect another 10 years or so. Use this URL for no pop piec Anyone know whre i can get detective conan from??

They have alot of stuff online and its good: Please let me know. Someone was supposed to tape onw. COMIf you want to watch anime episodes that are listed alphabetically, go here: It has almost everything about anime, from theme songs to all of the episodes of any anime show. I got like a shit load of znimeratio and not these name brand anime sites. Chopper’s normal voice actor was either sick or having a baby, I forget which. Ok Jubei, go to animenuke.

Enter the e-mail address associated with your account and we’ll email you a link to reset your password. The ones I mention in the first sentence anyway.

Oh and another good website is crunchyroll.