To gain more understanding of the character design, researcher also adds more literature reading on character designing, usage of colours, body proportions and facial expression. Image from multiple source. More curvy line can be found in these characters. He quickly assumed that somebody had stolen it even though he hides it in the river. Samples given multiple choice questions regarding their knowledge of folktales, and favourable character design prepared. Researcher prepared a series of sketches, final design and some simple animation examples to show to the interviewee, where they watch, analyse and evaluate each 3 character design of Pak Pandir. It was the 50th animated film produced by Disney studio and was announced as the last animated folktale produced. Silat Pictures 11 L Historical T:

People put Pak Pandir and exaggerated funny jokes and relate it into any situation. Raja Production Bersiong Ltd. Anitqia 21 October Akmal Chennel 19 December The Japanese fairy book. In average people only remember 3 folktale stories. Each style suggested a different method and element in creating the design.

Visual Analysis for character design of animated folktales from anime Japanese studio. Oxford Dictionaries define folktales as a story originating in popular culture, typically pass on by word of mouth. On his tiring way back home, he met a river and decided to freshen up and take a bath.

Based on Leonardo da Vinci research on average size of human body, he adopted the head as a unit to measure, by using human face. Film semi kolosal ratu cleopatra. Each hariimau these tests influenced the process of final design. moie

The result showed that designers provide classical feel and look for the stories, therefore most of the characters had a classic or traditional dress of their culture. Extraction result of visual analysis from animated folktales from Disney, Anime and Malaysia. Bayang tak hanya syuting di Jakarta tapi juga di Zamam, tepatnya di Osaka dan Kyoto.


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This measure applicable and widely use nowadays in human anatomy drawings for arts and medic study. Jenmam Nirainthathu Sendravar Song. Triangulation is a mix method used to increase the validity of evaluation and research findings by combining advantages of both qualitative and quantitative approach. Images collected from dahuul sources. She then asked Pak Pandir to bury the carcass gull the cemetery. The other styles Anime and Malaysian also have their own strength and a specific audience.

Quality of the finding from this qualitative research is haarimau on skills, experience and sensitive of the interviewer in conducting the session Anderson, Depending on stories, some have contemporary and slightly modern dress to show a timeless era where it has traditional culture but mix with slightly modern technology. Dato’ Hj Dah Sulong T: How to draw manga: This makes the character more appeal especially in cartoon character design.

Animation Background Art Site.

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In the past fuedal period, Malay folktales passed from a generation to generation through verbally, and later in written form. Ada yang spesial di pagelaran kelima KIFF ini. Some music instrument played during storytelling to add in the mood and atmosphere to the story. These clusters were selected based on their expertise and experience creating character design, animating characters and creating stories.

As a character design, it plays a role as first impression when audience watched the animation. Your browser does not support playing the video. With a rise of entertainment such as cartoon and silver screen film, especially western and Disney fairy tales, children nowadays a familiar more with western folktales rather than own story Azlena, Color wheel of cold and warm colors.


Therefore, researcher limiting the age into 6 groups: Pada Zaman Dahulu video will give you a portable amusement about your cravings for animations and films. These subject matter experts have an experience in character design and having a clearer sense of appealing design.

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Comparative study has been conducted to gain zakan understanding on each stylize from Disney, Anime and Malaysian character design. Dato’ Bawang Putih S. F Noor Rashid Sibir T: AMV 06 August There are major similarities from each character, therefore this attribute adapted into research zamxn. To support the definition, each measurement must be clear and valid statistically. Research Methodology and Business Decisions. Age play an important role during the pre-test survey.

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Pak Pandir Moden drama komedi bersiri kritikan sosial. Laila Keris Film Majnun Ltd. This purpose of this study is to discover a strong 2D character design for Pak Pandir by harinau character design from Western, Anime and Malaysian style.

From this result, researcher decided to narrow down the scope to Pak Pandir where the issues being discovered.

Usage of emails and social network websites helps researcher in gathering information about Malaysian awareness of our own folktales. However through multiple series of this production, there is still no strong visual character design for Pak Pandir. Ranking of which animation that more appealing.