The differences between the two groups of languages will be found fully dealt with under the head of Bhojpuri, on pp. The first specimen is a short passage from the Parable of the Prodigal Son. So also, the verlnl noun in ‘ has an obliqne form in a 01 ni. I lam tobar beta kahaibak jog of-Ood great sin did. However, the differences between the two were at least as striking as the similarities. Indeed all over Maida District, we find a eurious mixtuie of language, dilferont nationalities and tribes in one and the same village each speaking its own language, which may bo Santall, Bihari, or Bengali, l. Tar betak lak may na lagaS. If many believed that Abdur Rahman exceeded what a king should do, then they also acknowledged their own inadequacy to evaluate his excesses with any certainty.

The remarks contained in the last three paragraphs refer only to prose. Ham to I-will-say that, 0 father, I this-world the-nesct-world both spoiled. As it is in verse, the vowel a which is at the end of every word, but which is not pronounced in prose, is here fully pronounced. Tai-par o-kar t Ad, That-on hix hvnth. Her locks melt in a cascade of water-drops, as though darkness were weeping in fear of the brightness of her moon-face. It is spoken, approximately, by , peoph?. It is printed in Kaithl typo. In Hindi, however, amswdr is generally used as a short way of writing a nasal when preceding another consonant of its class.

Translations of the Scriptures into Maithiir. As compared with Standard Bhojpuri, the following are the principal points of difference in Grammar.

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Sek, hekek, hetek, he becomes, he is going on. Au jab bua-sO a-ke gliar E-is elder son fietd-in was. Between and nokarann, I had spent almost two years teaching English at a language center in Kabul.

Unha-le chliot bSta o-kar One man-of two sons were. The following are the figures which show the number of Number of speakers. Thus rali, I was. Her locks melt in a cascade of water-drops, as though darkness were weeping in fear of the brightness of her moon-face.



Eor further parti- culars concerning Eastern Magahi, and for the various local names by which it is called, the reader is referred to pages and ff. Only in the Dooghur Subdivision do the two languages meet, and here speakers of Bihari and of Bengali dwell side by side, each speaking his own langu- age. Jab fi dur rahe, keop. By the time I made it to Afghanistan, much that she had led me to expect was no longer the way it had been.

Bihari has three auxiliary Conjugation. It is spoken, approximately, bypeoph?. My experiences are hers, and whatever value might reside in these pages is her doing as much as it is my own.

In Eastern Maithili, ihe. Tbe following is a specimen. You will keep two rupees, the remainder of the fruit, aud the box ; I have sent them for you.

But it is upon his dainty songs in tho vernacular that his fame chiefly rests. The sellable gd may ho addud to any Form 1. If an enemy you see, Stick will your protector bo. Subject honorific, Object non-honorifiic. The Prabhamtl-lMi’ana by Bliananatha above metitioned. Peshawar was a chaotic and somewhat estranging place in which to conduct fieldwork. Rule of the abort antepenultimate.

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Viewed in hindsight, Zahir Shah’s reign —73 seemed to many pashti be a long springtime of peace and gentility, and it was the unrealistic sense that such a time could come again that fueled the cult of his return. No heroes emerged, of course, but the recurrent longing for the appearance of draja champion encouraged me to begin to think about heroes, what they mean, and how they help to encode cultural and moral truths that are at the center of what is and is not present in Afghanistan today.

The accent cannot he thrown further back than the antepenultimate, and if the penultimate is long the accent falls on it. It will thus be understood that the figures for the people speaking it will not agree with those given above for the tribe. Centiial and Westehn Puknea. The area covered by Bhojpurl is, in round numbers, some fifty thousand square j. In tho middle of the sixth century B.


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The following is, therefore, the total number of speakers of Magahi recorded in the above tables: Manbhuni is a Bengali-speaking District, and the same language is spoken in that part of Singhbhum, known as Dhalbhum, which is South of Manbhum. Tho liistory of Raja-griha is enveloped in the mists of legend. Tags Separate tags by comma, will be used for searching.

The late sixties and early seventies had witnessed a great deal of political turbulence, with violent student demonstrations a frequent occurrence, but the coup d’etat of President Muhammad Daud in July had brought some of the agitators into the government and pushed the remainder underground.

This for his father outside came, and him manawe lagaPthin. South of the Ganges, Maithili is influenced more or less by the Magahi spoken to its west, and partly also by Bengali. Hononfle Pronoun, aha, that, naA’ or apane, your Honour; obi.

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Thus, in the same sentence, we have both cMilaif and cJihelait he was. Koi gSw-mc figo jol’hii rahai. I was determined to capture these stories on tape, and later I would figure out what to do with them. Tob-le 6 bati-ker pScbh.