Aqua Jet and it the attacks were pretty even. Do you already have an account? Share This Page Tweet. Pikachu makes Team Rocket to blast off. The two do a Hydro Pump but Oshawott isn’t strong enough and hits a wall. Oshawott doesn’t do so well, but now it’s time for Caesar and he does well.

Seems like this is the best DA episode so far. I liked the brief scene where James talked about the scalchop. The crowd loves Caesar’s Scalchops. Pikachu makes Team Rocket to blast off. Your name or email address: Be sure to join the discussion on our discord at:

Pikachu makes Team Rocket to blast off. Aura Flare RioluMay 16, Parker 2 tells them about Scalchop Island and then Osahwott comes out of his Pokbeall and onto the groups dinning table. Poor him when Mijuka the female Oshawott chose Caesar over him, despite that he was the winner.

SceptileTheBananaMay 16, Log in or Sign up. Bah Mijumaru forget that futile Mijuka, you are better of without her. Oshawott is sticking around. VirgilMay 16, Meowth gets the Scalchop right in the centre of the target, even though he was nervous.

Flashback to Pooemon triumph’s and when Ash first got him. Osahwott does the same thing, but then gets distracted by Mijuka and slams into Ash. Then he sees Mijuka and is happy. They don’t take up the whole episode and they aren’t part of the resolution. Meowth almost drops one Scalchop but he grabs it in the air and accidentally does well at the brick breaking. Now it’s Razor Shell vs.


Crowning the Scalchop King (787)

Osahwott is sad and confused. Overall it is good to see Ash’s Unova pokemons still getting development. Caesar does an Aqua Jet across the sky and leaves behind a Rainbow, impressing the audience. Be sure to join the discussion on our discord at: The crowd loves Caesar’s Scalchops.

ookemon SerebiiMay 16, The episode starts off with Ash and co. The battle was great actually, they showed Futachimaru beating Mijumaru in power but Satoshi was smart enough to win with strategy basicly, damn a Swords Dance to boost is power would have been so great here but still using the Razor Blade as a spear was pretty damn cool. Will Oshawott manage to win, and become the Scalchop King? Meowth gets some water spilled on him and the paint and costume washes off.

It’s time for the Target Practice challenge. Almighty ZardMay 16, Dewott loses and Oshawott wins!

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Seems like this is the best DA episode so far. It was funny when they won, the announcer apparently says Mijumaru has to stay as the King and Satoshi goes what? Granted they could’ve crowninv given him the Golden scalchop unless this Dewott took it but I guess they didn’t want too.

Jessie and James dress Meowth up as a Dewott and then he shows off his “Scalchop’s” and the crowd and even Don George is impressed. Visit The Episode Crownning Discuss. When the tournament begins, Oshawott gives it his best, but he soon faces up against a Dewott named Caesar and another Dewott which looks oddly familiar. Now it’s Polemon vs. We have moved to a new forum system. Oshawott sees the Queen Oshawott, Mijuka and brings out Flowers from All your posts and data should have transferred over.


Back to the brick breaking and Oshawott does well at breaking some fo the bricks. Yes, my password is: Glad to see Ash used a strategy and won this time.

Episode – Crowning the Scalchop King!

No, create an account now. The Path to Becoming Scalchop King! Aqua Jet and it the attacks were pretty even. So a fun episode and Oshawott got a win against a poke,on opponent that he so much needed.

Now it’s the potion where the competitor show off their Scalchop’s. What I didn’t like was the presence of the TRio because just like I expected, they served no purpose in this episode whatsoever.