I have to agree, Sandile already had a established dynamic with Ash and Pikachu back at the Hot Sand Spa, and there are so many interesting Pokemon in the Unova Region. I think they kind of did everything they could do with abused Fire Types with Charmander, Torkoal, and Chimchar. It’s nice to see Excadrill again, and that Iris is attempting to get Excadrill to help and listen. It’s like the writers were trolling us hard with this episode. I actually thought the trio would have a change of heart after Ash talked to them but they just tricked him into lowering his guard. Well, I agree that giving Snivy all of those moves from the start does make her a bit overpowerful, as well as kind of limit what attacks she could learn. And Ash’s team, yeah, seems underdeveloped.

I really do think at this point Ash needs to work on teaching Scraggy better moves then Headbutt and Leer. Electro Ball looks cool and its stronger than Volt Tackle but I hate the conditions attached to it. The Ducklett that took Sandile’s sunglasses steps forward, looking ready to return what is rightfully Sandile’s, before cruelly spraying Ash, Pikachu, and Sandile backward with Water Gun. In the middle of their battle, a Ducklett interferes. Nice almost all the team pokemons appear already, poor Meguroko he loses his bravery and confidence when he loses glasses poor thing, hes crying for help, he was even scared of Kormoris. Again, I don’t know if I’m right. Given this seems like the sort of thing the writers will take their time developing.


I would have liked him to forget Thunderbolt but it has been his signature move for a long time, so I expected the writers to keep it.

Even though it missed sometimes I liked Volt Tackle as Pikachu’s finishing move. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Cyndaquil wasn’t duckoett or abandoned either, although there was another trainer trying to capture it that was a huge jerk.

Dancing With the Ducklett Trio!

Personal tools Create account Log in. Share this Rating Title: Then we get to Sandile, hoo boy what happened there? Pikachu Melawan Sandile Melawan Ducklett!! Axew quickly recovers and uses Scratchbut the move misses entirely.

Dancing With the Ducklett Trio! (679)

Axew charges up to attack and ends up sneezing, causing a large explosion that can even be seen from a town nearby. I think it was a combination pikqchu that and trying to help Treecko save its dying tree that allowed Treecko to have another battle with Ash.

Log in or Sign up. It was nice to see Scald in the show, it looks kind of similar to Water Gun just with steam.

Pikachu 25 Type Electric Abilities Static. I fully agree, Volt Tackle was one of my favorite attacks, something that makes it even more special is that the Pikachu line are the only ones who can learn it. Mijumaru voice Kiyotaka Furushima Retrieved from ” https: Loving all the music in this episode, it’s great.


Sandile really seemed to have bonded with Ash and I wish he would have caught it. That’s pokeomn the case. In the middle of their battle, a Ducklett interferes.

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It’s nice to see Axew and Scraggy battling but I don’t really think it’s helping all that much. Ash has never been a study-kind of trainer. Ash has a flashback and recalls the Sandile is the Sunglasses Sandile from the hot springs plkachu sand baths, and realizes it dug the hole because it wants to battle Pikachu.

Pikachu might regularly use 5 moves, or one will stop being used so often. All your posts and data should have transferred over. Light Lucario Moderator Staff member.

Credits Animation Team Kato. Also, I don’t think we’ve seen an evolution in the BW series yet.

Your request could not be completed. Still, if they wanted to give Axew a battle partner, I think that they could have done that better too. Visit The Episode Guide Discuss. Cilan was revealed to be a A-Rank Connoisseur.

Well, I don’t really think that they did much with Charmander being an abandoned Pokemon. Best thing this episode: All Season 14 Episodes. Ash was gone at the time Iris was attacked with Scald.