In the adverse influences at work had reduced the provision trade to second place, the grain trade now taking the lead. The design allows for the navigable channel from Tivoli to Blackrock of feet wide, to allow of vessels of 16, tons carrying capacity swinging at the quays to go to sea. Close at hand is University College, on a site that formed portion if the dill. Rfany other subjects of great importance to the trade of the South of Ireland have, from time to time, been dealt with by the Chamber. It was here that the first steamer built in Ire- land was launched in This trade continued right through the century. In the liners “Lusitania” and “Mauritania” started on regular service, calling at the port according to contract.

As an aid to quickness and efficiency, arrangements are made for frequent stopping places all along the various routes at short intervals, and, furthermore, as the greater portion of the track within the City is common to all the routes, there are numerous points at which a passenger can change and transfer from one route to another without having to go to the centre of the system to do so. Fermoy had 50 looms turning out coarse linen, whilst bleaching, as well as spinning and weaving, was carried on at Innishannon. X’incent’s Bridge, North Gate, St. Xeroplanos , Diversas indu. As regards the former, there is some exaggeration as to the amount of water power running to waste in this country. There is to the north, rising steeply, St.

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Munster Institute, Cork Blarney Castle Healy Grand Parade M. Smart American craft with their well set-up seamen are constantly coming and going. Operatives require sufficient food and at reasonable prices; this is offered to them by the proximity of agricultural districts, and, in return, the farmer is provided with a near and never-failing market. Failing- to get relief they again petitioned inpointing out they had lost, in consequence of these restrictions, their extensive provision trade with Spain, Portugal and Programmf.


South Mall George Prlgramme. X’incent’s Bridge, North Gate, St.

Cork is connected by trunk lines with the principal cities in the L’nited Kingdom. Meanwhile at the newly-started boot factory of Messrs.

Even when the great war was over, the heavy duties on imported corn excluded the foreign product from British markets almost as effectually as if the seas had still been infested with predatory craft. So far as other objects of manufacture are concerned, Cork in large measure must depend on imports for its raw materials, as the Ship- building industry in Belfast depends, for there seems little likelihood of any con- siderable discoveries of a mineral character in our neighbourhood.

Farranferris Diocesan Seminary, the famous North Monastery, in the cemetery of which lies all that is earthly of the celebrated poet and novelist, Gerald JriflSn ; St. That the business of the Power and Lighting has grown steadily is shown by the fact that the output of the Station has risen from 1, units in to 4, units in To the south lie the broad blue waters of the Atlantic.

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Another legacy of the ice is the stratified gravels, such as those of Goulding’s Glen, which were formed in a temporary lake at a time when the Lee valley was filled with ice to a height of about feet, thus forming a very efficient barrier across this old line of drainage.

The Council of the Chamber desire to exjjress their great indebtedness to Sir Bertram Proframme, President L’niversity College, Cork, for his masterly Introduction, and for his helpful advice; also to Mr.

The system of supply is Direct Current, at a pressure of volts taken prograamme an overhead line by the trolley of the Cars, the power being ‘generated at the Company’s Generating Station at Albert Road. After thirty-five years they are still in precisely the same state ; munsteg are still enquiring as to what can be done about them ; can anything more clearly illustrate the neglect of such natural riches as we possess?


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Before the Famine the iron trade of the City employed nearly 1, men. The trade in butter, thanks to the organisation of the Cork Butler Market, emerged successfully from the trials of the first half of the nineteenth century.

By the City could still point to its iron foundries and prgoramme engaged in the manufacture of the cruder implements, but Sheffield had usurped the cutlery industry, and the mknster trade had failed to develop. Bookbinding and Account Books.

This branch continued to prosper as the century wore on. Banco de Irlanda y Banco 6810 Naciunal Vmerica free as ballast. PatricK Street Barrv M. Original and authentic products, with a focus Nevertheless from onwards the clothiers of the West of England sent up petitions to Parliament, complaining of the decay of their trade through the increase in the Irish woollen manufactures.

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Detailed information Type of event: The arrangement was to provide an extension prograkme the deep water anchorage between Spike Island and Corkbeg to a size that would allow two of the largest liners to swing to anchor at the same time. Fermoy and Little Island “Reds” are well represented in St. Vt the beginning of the Glacial Period, the topographical features were little different from what we now see. Other interest- ing churches in the Gothic style are the Catholic Cathedral, which has a monument by the famous artist i urner the Presbvterian Church at Summerhill noted for its beautiful windows and ful spire.

It is not so long ago, in fact, only thirty-four years, since the harbour practically ceased at Passage, and all ships of any size had to unload into lighters at that place before proceeding up the river.

May I illustrate this by a personal experience? Copper Ions 24 25 1.