He says fine, and tosses her things to clean bed. Raman requests 5mins and is allowed. Clothes thinks to take revenge for her affront and searches for infusions. Dadi acts great and says I will meet Yuvraaj, possibly he is irritated with me. He says he adorned room according to her wish and embraces her. She opens the entryway and discovers no one. He proceeds with his passionate talks. Clothes says fine, we will come.

Dadi says beyond any doubt, we will celebrate in night, I have shock for everybody. Menka stops Rags now and contends. Raman requests 5mins and is allowed. Abhi and Pragya gets down the auto. Master maa requests that Ankush give his ring in Shivanya’s grasp. Yuvraaj asks Suhani for what valid reason is she tossing garments on Maa.

Yuvraaj finds the room chaotic and says you truly returned Suhani. He pttv are you 40 years of age. Pragya says she is going to hunt her mum. Rachna comes and asks where is your consideration.

She requests that he abandon her as it is tormenting.


Suyyash comes and says yes, I m here. Shivanya thinks if Shailesh leave city, she can’t execute him. Pallavi yells yes, I was exceptionally content with my wedded life, I cherished Amar a ton, he likewise adored me and took great consideration of me, don’t realize what ill will this Ishita Bhalla had with him… Ishita and Raman get stunned as Pallavi says Ishita has slaughtered Amar.

Yamini yells to get out at this point.

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Niddhi asks once more. Click Here To Watch Video. He says she kept in touch with her wish on welcome card and he was simply satisfying it. He cautions Abhi not to wed Tanu.


Ptf feels Pragya’s vicinity, and supposes she needs to have quality and get out from it soon. Suhani likes the nourishment and says Dadi made my and Bhavna’s fav things.

He serves her champagne. Pragya says she stopped the auto close here, and thinks to make Abhi occupied.

She says yes, I know you will free me ddama 7 days. Raman comes and says Ishita’s safeguard is rejected. Ishita tells about Adi and Ruhi’s school timetable, sustenance and timings. Raman says don’t lie Rushtay, Ishita spared your life, Amar used to beat you, you are alive here in light of Ishita, you are giving incorrectly proclamation.

Dadi remains under shower. Niddhi says you are Pallavi’s legal advisor, you were not here when listening to began.

Shailesh says he lost his girl and does not need any more frama, so he needs to affirm once. Suhani and Pratima request that they stop it. She supposes why is she getting pulled in to him.

kaqnch Dadi requests that Ramesh get dark paint and agony kitchen flame broil. Suhani says paint won’t pass by water, oil is required. Niddhi asks Pallavi what do you need now. Judge requests that he take drqma seat. He says fine, and tosses her things to clean bed. She says you got to be Sadu once more, I m not machine to orchestrate things in two mins, have persistence. He says you are eating since 30 years. Abhi advises Purab to go to Police station and enquire about Sarla.


Ishita, Raman, Amma, Appa and Niddhi are stunned. Rachna says you are getting rebuffed for your wrongdoings.

Mitali hears it precisely. Ishita inquires as to why are you lying, we anticipated that you would say truth, why are you apprehensive, let them know you constrained me to come, I came hurrying to you, I spared your life, lay clean, your spouse kicked the bucket in protection. Sesha faculties her and leaves room in lieu of going to kichen.

Pragya says she has seen her photograph and she is wearing blue today. Suyyash says perceive how they are surrounding my guiltless customer and making her spare Ishita, they are utilizing Pallavi. Dadi requests that Rags take in ayurvedic lep formula from Suhani, I will apply it, I have toss those infusions.

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Raman exhaust in draka. Ramya says she saw her getting to be nagin. The woman requests that her leave from here. He gives and nothing happens to Shivanya. Suhani says let me eat, Dadi made this for me. Ali Ki Ami Episode 14 Shivanya comes to outside Raheja house and supposes she will kill her guardians’ homicide today.