Overwhelmed, Arthur falls into a long sleep. Of course, the story does contain Merlin’s magic and ultimately the search for the holy grail, so the film does not pretend to be an actual medieval history lesson. Boorman is a god. A Dog’s Way Home. When Excalibur first premiered on HBO in , the R-rated version was shown in the evening and the PG-rated version was shown during the daytime, following the then current rule of HBO only showing R-rated films during the evening hours. This being in the days before CGI when historical epics were all the rage, the battle sequences are small with some blood and minimal gore. Michael Muldoon as Astamor. The film is layered and rich, vivid imagery and beautiful design giving the whole production much flare and class.

January 22, Films directed by John Boorman. What a wondrous vision Excalibur is! There have been hundreds if not thousands of films dealing with Arthur, but for me, this one has always held a strong place in my memory. A mesmerizing and fascinating piece of film making of Wagnerian proportions that stood the test of time. Merlin heals him and he rides out to the forest to rest. The Evil Forest Parsifal Parsifal

Director’s Commentary Theatrical Trailer. Sir Gawainunder Morgana’s influence, accuses Guinevere of driving Lancelot away, “driven from us by a woman’s desire”, forcing Lancelot to duel with Gawain to defend his and Guinevere’s honor. Booeman Swift as Sir Hector. The once and future king arrives at the first of many crossroads in his rise to power Characters undergo drastic changes and substantial shifts with little or no explanation, time lunges forward at the expense of pacing and stability, and Boorman’s fusion of gritty mud-n-blood melodrama and shimmering high-fantasy histrionics is unbalanced and cumbersome.

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Word spreads, and Merlin announces to the crowd that Arthur is Uther’s son and, hence, the rightful ruler. When first released in the United Kingdom inthe film ran to m 30s, and was classified as a “AA” recensiobe the BBFCrestricting it to those aged 14 and over.


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Boorman had planned a film adaptation of the Merlin legend as early asbut when submitting the three-hour script written with Rospo Pallenberg to United Artiststhey rejected it deeming it too costly and offered him J.

The only rilm I had with the script is that I didn’t buy Lancelot and Guenevere falling in love at first sight with each other as he provides escort to her wedding to Arthur. Give Boorman credit for the loopy grandeur of his imagery and imaginings, for reccensione sweet smell of excess, for his heroic gamble that a movie can dare to trip over its pretensions — and still fly.

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Film Follower Segui lista. The Evil Forest Parsifal Parsifal Excalibur is a American epic fantasy film directed, produced, and co-written by John Boorman that retells the legend of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Tablebased on the 15th-century Arthurian romance Le Morte d’Arthur by Thomas Malory.

Blu-ray rating Video 3. Excalibur Blu-ray, Audio Quality.

Nov 3, Full Review…. The sort of film, in fact, which is the whole point of Cannes. The film’s soundtrack features the music of Richard Wagner and Carl Orffdii with an original score by Trevor Jones. John Boorman was at his best directing this film. Give me the child.

The forces of superstition and magic are swallowed up into the unconscious. And there’s no reason to think that will stop considering the numerous books, movies, and television shows already created over the past decade that have been clearly influenced by the Arthurian legends. Coming Soon to Blu-ray: Thomas Malory’s Morte D’Arthur is listed as the source material for Excalibur, but, as is customary with Boorman, there is plenty of embroidering on the original.

Excalibur Blu-ray

Well, if there’s anything wrong with [John] Boormans’ version, it’s just fancy and obviously in bad taste. Lancelot arrives unexpectedly and turns the tide of battle, later collapsing from his old, self-inflicted wound which had never healed.


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Excalibur Blu-ray

January 24, Retrieved 21 December The result is almost always the handsomest of films to behold. No poetry, just a simple answer.

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Dolby Digital Mono Czech: Forged when birds and beasts and flower were One with Man, and death was but a dream! The resulting film is reminiscent of mythographic works such as Sir James Frazer ‘s The Golden Bough and Jessie Weston ‘s From Ritual to Romance ; Arthur is presented as the “Wounded King” whose realm becomes a wasteland to be reborn thanks to the Grail, and may be compared to the Fisher or Sinner Kingwhose land also became a wasteland, dl was also healed by Perceval.

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Don’t have an account? But even with a couple of clumsy scenes and dialogs, the film delivers on every level: The individual storylines that emerge, though potent in each of their own rights, are nothing short of infuriating. Views Read Edit View history.

There are instances of ADR that sound flat. While revisiting genre pictures can provide a rude wake-up call to how poor the tastes of our younger selves were, John Boorman shows that a quality picture assembled by a talented team, like ‘Excalibur’, will endure.