Ming whips up a delicious shitake-umami glazed steak. Better Built BLT’s Gourmet Markets with Dominique Rizzo Ming is cooks at home with Jamie Bissonnette, James Beard award-winning chef. Crispy pita chips with fennel fondue followed by shaved fennel salad with coriander-crusted ahi tuna. One of the main sources of flavor in Southeast Asian cooking is fish sauce with lime. Then, Ming’s off to Miami to cook with one of Florida’s favorite chefs, Michael Schwartz, who makes grilled sweet potatoes with celery salad, toasted walnuts, and chile oil vinaigrette. Ming makes sweet and sour chicken and peppers, tamarind-marinated shrimp and brown sugared pineapple satays, and tamarind-brown sugar creme brulee.

Recipes using it include a chicken salad variation; grilled shrimp with radicchio; vegetarian Asian pesto; and guest Gordon Hamersley’s Asian pesto salad with sliced tomato, baby fennel, avocado, and shaved croutons. Black Bean and Garlic Sauce Ming creates broiled black peppered sake-marinated salmon and zucchini spaghetti and sake-black pepper mussels. Ming and guest chef Jonathan Waxman create two delicious recipes: Modern Azorean Cuisine Rob Mueller demonstrates the finer points of pairing food and wine, using butterfish and veggie Napoleon as examples. Plus, Annie Copps, senior editor for food at Yankee Magazine makes coconut and banana freeze pops with dried cranberries.

Ming’s mom joins him to craft a simple beef, mushroom, and broccoli stir fry as well as a lobster and hen of the woods stir-fry. Every culture has its own version and Ming shares his from childhood, a wonton noodle soup. PBS is a c 3 not-for-profit organization.

Oysters Three Ways with Darren Robertson At Ming’s Ismply Ginger, guests are greeted with a heap of tasty homemade spiced crackers instead of the usual breadsticks. Shitake salisbury steak with pan gravy and comedian Lenny Clarke’s Mom’s Meatloaf are highlighted.


Sharing his version of a traditional Japanese soup, Ming uses one pot to cook up soba noodle soup.

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Hungry Mother’s Sijply Maiden prepares mustard spiced pork “grillades” and grits. Guest chef Jose Andres visits the studio kitchen and uses the ingredients to prepare gazpacho with edamame, jamon and sherry vinegar. Our partner in public broadcasting: Simply Ming Season 16 is all about cooking at home.

Then heads on over to Boston’s south end where Ginger Park’s Patricia Yeo uses today’s master pair on one of ming’s favs – pork belly! Australian marron and King George Whiting are put on the barbie. Ming enhances the Western staple of chicken broth with star anise, ginger, and soy sauce to create ginger-poached chicken breast, hot and sour shrimp soup, and lemongrass-coconut chicken soup.

Vancover – Tojo Marilyn and Sheila Brass make chicken and mango salad with toasted cashews. Meals that reflect Azorean culinary traditions with a modern twist are made with local ingredients. Ming combines Far East lychees and New England cranberries in a delicious sundae, whips up a foolproof ginger vanilla custard base, and mixes smooth caramel with a hint of floral jasmine tea to create jasmine caramel sauce.

Wood-Fired Cooking with Robert Marchetti Chef Ming whips up shallot pancakes, a bacon cheeseburger and shallot bing, shiitake and shallot bing, and his Mom makes pork stir-fried bing.

Carrot Chipotle Syrup Savory black bean pork chow mein is served.

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Organic Ponzu and Jamon De Fermin Tea-smoked chicken breast with celery rice, a tea-smoked chicken club sandwich, seared snapper with tea-smoked shrimp potatoes, episove a tea-smoked duck with roasted scallion sweet potatoes. Kaffir Lime Crab Mix Chef Lidia Bastianich prepares calamari alla griglia with shrimp, salsa verde, and grilled bread.


The featured recipe, an easy garlic, ginger, and scallion stir-fry sauce, features three hallmark flavors of Chinese cuisine. Ming’s citrus-truffle vinaigrette enlivens new-style shrimp ceviche hors d’oeuvres and a maitake orzo “risotto” served with seared scallops and Moustache of the Dragon salad pea tendrils. Maitake Mushrooms and Italian Basil Ming creates a roasted-garlic Asian pesto and uses it to enhance shrimp wontons in broth, Shanghai episose with Chinese sausage, and roasted whole pesto poussin.

,ing prepares stir fry of wonton noodles with scallops and bacon paired with an arugula and radicchio pine nut salad. They prepare Ming’s omusubi with Alaskan crab salad and Morimoto’s sashimi salad. Thai bird chile, the pepper that gives much of Asian cooking its heat, is paired with sweet maple syrup.

Wildlife in Australia is explored. Ming shows how grasping one small but important rule can allow viewers to bake countless desserts with just a few ingredients in quantities you can eyeball.

Ming combines the satisfying flavors of black lychee tea and brown sugar in a tea-smoked, brown-sugared salmon; caramelized tea-coated butterfish with scallion couscous; and black lychee tea granita.

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They prepare grilled lobster with summer herbed butter roasted potatoes and fried pork and couscous with peach sesame compote. Mom and Dad – Show One Spice Mango Salsa Ming tries out the local fare in Texas, visiting area purveyors and meeting with friends old and new. Better Built BLT’s Want to eat more Burgers?