It took me a while to realize that, but it also made me appreciate this drama even more, and appreciate what the writer was doing. ShinRaeMi07 January 29, at Tommy replies instead that Seung-jo is not the easiest man to get to open his heart. In defence if mgy Park Shi-hoo is knocking it out of the park His comedic timing is really funny, and the way he reacted to Se kyung shooting him down was wonderful acting. As for myself, am satisfied with it. So I find this particular plot line annoying and I can barely watch their scenes.

Talk about beating it over my head again and again. Well, at least Seung-jo was very unrealistic. Pam December 24, at 1: I enjoy reading it a lot. Min-hyuk and In-hwa visit the hospital before heading to the party, and Yoon-joo wishes them off, still at the hospital until her results return the next day. Does the means justify the ends? I do understand how it can be a little too subdued for some, but I felt conflict throuhgout — angry, determined, lost guilty and conflicted. That’s too short, my dear.

And here I thought you stopped imagining your life as a drama! Not just about love, but life in general. He waves hello eagerly, hoping to get a wave back or to perhaps a high five. I agree with Saturtledaisy. He has obviously become a better actor Sure, you can make us think about class and wealth in modern South Allice society but to have it done through a pedantic, unsympathetic character like SK is just boring.

She’s a tiny girl but very talented. Overall though this drama was by no means perfect I did enjoy it a lot.

Or, imagine him remembering such thing after many years, heh I agree as well. And then Se Keung continues to trust? He was a hard worker too, he was no puppet, he wanted to make it on his own, a self-made man who was in a situation opposite to Han se’s. A more mature-looking actress like Song He Kyo would be a far better match. Tujuan utamanya sebenarnya bukanlah untuk meranpok tapi mencari pemilik dari pedang yang didesain secara khusus, yang pernah ia lihat ketika masih kecil.


The saleslady kindly turns her down, and Seung-jo is once again reminded of the time Se-kyung came back to get a copy of the warranty. Best MGY Unni done a great job.

Seung-jo arrives at the department store to look at the new line of jewelry recently launched, and he overhears a new intern rushing back into the store asking for a duplicate receipt. She found herself different from all those other couples who seemed to marry without love, including Yoon-joo, but Yoon-joo sets her straight.

episoxe But all in all, thoroughly enjoyed this drama, though it did have some writing problems in the middle somewhere, but the rest of it including the soundtracks,love ’em! Which can be an unforgiving role in that it’s the comedy that gets remembered. Because it was hilarious, of course. This drama kindof felt like multiple dramas in one, which sometimes made it hard to watch.

Thank you for commenting on this. As for the actors, I think you’re right about Moon Geun Young being sad but I don’t think she’s unskilled as an actress.

A Gentleman’s Dignity 1-20 (Final)

She didn’t want to live in there, she just happened to go there out of curiosity I actually like it that the drama has not beat us over the head that he’s a genius this or that.

Every thing about it is so nicely balanced and moves so effortlessly. Park Shi-hoo is knocking it out of the park His comedic timing is really funny, and the way he reacted to Se kyung shooting him down was wonderful acting.

But still, since his realization happened just because he remembered the real situation and only after a while, it means, before the remembering, he didn’t try to understand the heroine he just chose to believe that she ran away Especially when she knew he could find out anytime.


lee Korean blog: Sinopsis Capital Scandal Episode 1 – 9

When she was wrestling with a dilemma and then coming to a conclusion, you could see her doing it. For me it was a welcome change from far too many other dramas where the heroine spends half her time over-acting, crying and screaming. Of course she is there to further the script and blow information for her friend, but with friends like Ah Jung, who need enemas?

The unifying theme of Alice in Wonderland is what helped. What a blow to Seung-jo that will be. When I saw the repetition, I noticed the heroine didn’t have a notebook with her and sensed what was coming His cries transform into a doorbell ringing, and next thing he knows, Se-kyung is by his side, carrying that sketchbook. The production staff really must have been skinflints about the heating bill on set. I can see two things that made this drama worth watching: Seeing MGY and PSH walk around “inside” wearing lighter-weight indoor clothing in what was probably close to freezing conditions makes me even more concerned for their health during a long drama e;isode.

That’s why I wasn’t bought, I couldn’t follow her and feel for her.

Se-kyung no longer wants to work in a situation where she must style a person without ever seeing him, without ever getting to deal with him.