Jung Eun menemui Yoo Kyung untuk memberitahu bahwa kondisi Han Byul sejauh ini baik-baik saja dia pun memberitahu bahwa Yoo Kyung sebaiknya memeriksakan dirinya ke rumah sakit karena menurut. When she refuses the King’s offer, it is for several different reasons that may contradict each other she is still human, after all: Hwang Jini is the illegitimate child of a nobleman and Hyun Geum, a blind gisaeng. I don’t think people can love each other as much a second time because they are more cautious and afraid to put themselves out there once bitten, twice shy. Of course, part of the blame is hers because she made such an abrupt and cold-hearted decision, but part of me thinks he should’ve manned the fuck up and part of me thinks he must have loved her more than she him. Enraptured by the beauty of their singing and dancing, Jini runs away and enters the gibang, or gisaeng house, where she meets her mother for the first time. Dokter menjelaskan kondisi kesehatan Han Byul yang sistem kekebalan tubuhnya terganggu dan itu sepertinya diturunkan dari ibu kandungnya tapi karena Jung Eun telah mengurus Han Byul dengan baik selama 6 tahun ini kondisi Han Byul tidak perlu di kahwatirkan. Hwang Jin Yi — Episode

Enraptured by the beauty of their singing and dancing, Jini runs away and enters the gibang, or gisaeng house, where she meets her mother for the first time. Selasa, 10 Agustus Friends Sinopsis. I don’t get the end of this drama. Anonymous August 4, at 3: I loved the costumes and choreography, I can only assume that’s why I saw the whole drama through. Popular Posts June 08,

They discover that she displays an outstanding talent for dancing and playing the geomungo.

Sinopsis Thorn Birds Episode Ji Hoon adalah seorang pemuda yang berasal dari keluarga yang penuh disiplin drsma sangat kuat memegang tradisi Korea, antara lain Ji Hoon tidak diijinkan untuk menikah dengan wanita yang tidak berasal dari negera yang sama.


And so much for her “huge” revenge: And even when she was mourning that same teacher she had disrespected every rpisode until she died, she chose to do it her own way, and it was deemed okay, because she did it with heart and feeling.

Hwang Jin Yi Episode (Final) | Sinopsis Drama

In the end, she had to make the decision, not him, because she knows he would have chosen love. Hwang Jini Promotional poster. Complete Mary Sue in all her untouchable, loved glory by all, including her enemies, the King and even the man she eventually ditches in a horrible, horrible way.

Do you think Katy Perry will dance with you in a place that lives the poor and homeless people are everywhere? This drama isn’t about love triumphing over all, or eposode people can throw everything away for love, but rather the simple and touching story about a girl growing into a woman and becoming an artist. In the long run, their faint discontent could have sparked bitterness towards each other.

Hwang Jin Yi adalah seorang anak tidak sah dari seorang bangsawan dengan Heon Keum, gisaeng musisi yang terkenal. Hwang Jin Yi is someone that has perchance wanted love and children, but in order to unselfishly keep her loved ones from stooping to wed a courtesan, has locked away love in her heart and turned to pursuing an illustrious career instead.

Hwang Jin Yi Episode 1-24 (Final)

The Return of Iljimae Final. HJWfan I love the ending. New Tales of Gisaeng Final.

Anonymous December 31, at Can’t fault a 19 year-old boy sinopsi being too young and innocent and weak to defy everything he’s been taught and weaned on, right? At Jini’s side in times of need is her devoted bodyguard Yi-saeng. And I know she probably did it to protect him, but it doesn’t make her decision any less frustrating or disappointing.


Jung Eun menatap cincin pertunangannya.

Sementara itu, ada Bu Yong, yang tidak hanya rival Hwang Jin Yi dalam hal menari, tapi juga dalam percintaan. He’s a very similar person – honorable and unselfish. So in a sense, she had love AND art at the same time. She knows even if she will never become bitter at giving up her art, she does not want HIM to regret doing so. Maybe I’m totally wrong!! A tiny selfish bit of her wanted to pursue art again.

When I watched it the first time, of course I enjoyed the beginning with her and Eun-ho and I still enjoy it. And I’m very much of the opinion that he can protect himself–that each person should be responsible for making their own decisions in life. She wanted everyone a share of this joy. But then you realize he had his own way of loving, and he became, in the end, a rather honorable man.

It’s become one of my favorite kdramas. Again, I liked the series Anonymous March 27, at 2: Kisah ini mengenai kehidupan seorang wanita dari masa Dinasti Joseon, yang berprofesi sebagai penari, musisi, dan juga penyair, yakni Hwang Jin Yi, yang mencari kesempurnaan dalam keahlian seninya tanpa menyerah dan menghadapi kesulitan yang dialami oleh para wanita berdasarkan ststus sosial mereka yang rendah.

Evadican Empire January 7, at 4: KBS ‘s Wednesday—Thursday dramas. Even if she yearned all her life for art yet could not get it, she would stay silent for him.