Once they reach the palace, it feels like every other palace dramas ever Hi Ivoire I have decided that this show is not gonna be totally awesomely epic and i am ok with it What did she do that was so wrong? Dol-bae and Deok-man want to know how everything is going. I like “womance” though. Just like this, listen to me when I complain in Goryeo language, and hold me when I shake in anger or fear. Every single character has a story and is engaging. Both are lonely, both are vulnerable, but both are fighters, and both will be able to learn and benefit from each other a great deal.

There’s a palpable ditziness to this piece that is congruent with their pairing, and it’s the possibility for “Sex in the City” cougarplay. Jo Il-shin reminds Gongmin that he is a loyal servant to the king. It would help to know why Choi Young wants to leave the palace so desperately; to have no desire to live. So I’ll give it another week before making up my mind. Will you do the same for me? They’re relationship is one I’m excited to see develop. Find out who and why I have to fight. Eun-soo says she can save Choi young if he has sepsis with medicine.

Great voice, incredible song!

This one not as much. I LOVE reading about the real power behind a throne, and puppet masters, etc. Betty August 21, at 7: I love basically everything about it.

Recap: “Faith” Episode 3

What I feel most compeling about Choi Young is why he wants to die so much! How are they going to resolve all the conflicts among the characters, have them find their place in the world and resolve the treason issue? Her hair is always lose.

They keep talking, and he throws books at them, yelling for some peace and quiet. He must have left, right? How does one become a good healer? Ki Chul watches with smile as Choong-suk announces himself again.


Episods Rashell mentioned, there are some good elements in the show, and yes, they don’t do the cliffhangers well yet and it is not as epic as we had anticipated or were led to believe, but maybe things will change or things will be meshed better as the drama develop?

The dctor moments of intensity he’s shown are almost all the better because he’s so restrained the rest of the time. It could happen to anyone, right?

The older woman asks if Gongmin remembers her. Dragonball-puppy-warrior Dae-man rushes in to ths his general, informing him that he unconscious for one night, and that the king is still here, having insisted on waiting for Fatih Young. Eun-soo throws the bandages in anger at Choi Young and he turns around to face her. He sits up and looks over to see Eun-soo asleep in the corner. He awkwardly clears his throat and slowly relays the message.

Jin not many if all have gone to the past. You proved it with your life. She asks Young to come down and take off his shirt. She tries to wrap her head around the idea that she time-machined her way here: He remembers her as court lady Choi, smiling in recognition.

Looking at your condition right now, it is possible. I am gonna watch it and if goes reallllllllllly downhill then i am gonna stop, but not so far. I really loved the first two episodes.

Please give me permission to leave. Maybe because its slow and everything is not actually set in place. I think What’s Up was better at connecting to the viewers than Faith, but maybe because of the subject matter Did she listen to nothing?


Annnnnnd of course we end here. He apologizes to her greta the powerlessness of Goryeo. Please enter your username or email address. Everyone around her rdama covered from neck to toes and she was wearing shorts??

Annie August 21, at 7: I don’t knw greaat do u guys think? It never quite bodes well for the rest of the drama when that happens. She remembers asking Gongmin who he is avoiding.

I guess because of such high frequency of Korean toilet humor but i want to see how she would react to primitive bathrooms.

Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do: Sinopsis Drama Princess Hours (Goong) [Bahasa Indonesia]

Marrying a Yuan princess will help him become a king of Goryeo. They argue for precious moments before she finally gets him to back off. She feels her own forehead, figuring that Choi Young has a fever. Dae-man replies not yet; Gongmin wanted to move with Choi Young. Plus, it is funny that this surgeon is incapable of making the pant legs even! And why should there be sizzling chemistry already? I also thought that the chemistry between the lead pair was more intense this episode.

Eun-soo refuses to leave the area where the portal to her world lies. And I love the two female leads, though I can understand how the Doctor gets on people’s nerves. Not a time to mess up. You are someone who protects the king. I love the male characters too but as JB pointed out, there’s usually a lack of depth with female K-drama characters I’m past that.