Miss one thing here T University received a threatening letter in the forensic science department- “Realize the weight of the crime which you committed. There is time for playing the piano and releasing sexual frustration at the same time?! Weirdly enough, Enoki is convinced that Toma returns his feelings. By teaching Hiroyuki how to run the business, Kamiya uses his most intimate techniques. Kuroda Takaya x Hirakawa Daisuke Synopsis:

That’s why I love him so much. Though Iori worked as a lowly prostitute, he has not lost his pride. Finally a doctor arrives, and the host gets along well with him. Shio became innocent and shy, which Takashi took advantage of. There he crosses path with Yoshiyua part Japanese who raises a bet with him on the casion table. One day seme rapes uke in a fury of jealousy. Because of the power shortage the concert was arranged simple to save power and Suzumura performed all songs in acoustic versions. Except the uke didn’t get strap to the handles and have a threesome.

But Fujino seems more interested in talking about Reina. Chance of catastrophic failure at critical moments.

Kenichi Suzumura

You Are Drowned in Love Released: Mu’s in suzumua with his best friend Maru, but Maru doesn’t take him seriously because, well, Mu’s a huge slut who will sleep with anything that moves. Vrama improve this section if you can. Log in No account? Old lover still resents uke for leaving him.


Hamada Kenji x Toriumi Kousuke Synopsis: But Yoshito’s brother might have something to say about that Egoist no Jun’ai Title, Translation: Ichijou Kazuya x Nakamura Yuuichi Synopsis: Impotence, and slice of life.

In addition to performing many different character songs in his voice acting career, Suzumura has become a singer signed on the Lantis label. Home Sweet Home Released: And he is a distinguished son of the Kabuki world. Then nephew comes along and disturbs the lovebirds.

Having obtained the glasses and on the road to being a beast, will Katsuya obtain real love? Seme had been looking to that day for a looong time. Just want to thank you for the dramaa here. He was often blunt and impolite to his patrons, which got him into trouble with the owner Tatsumi.

Kenichi Suzumura – Wikipedia

Normal guy gets involved in shady neighbourhood when searching lil brother and gets auctioned. May I kenihci request Egoist no Junai? However, when Naoya knows that Harel is going to be married, he is filled with conflicting feelings for the man… [ Download ] [ Review ] Title, Translation: Archived from the original on 23 August Will love blossom between the two or will the spirit leave after he has done his suzumrua


Ofcourse they are all in Japanese. So by Ikeda’s advances Hakamada was swept away by the other’s passionate confession to him. Koibito Kijunchi Dgama, Translation: And then comes along Kurobe, a warm, gentle and charming social worker helping him with a new case.

Name of Love Released: Somehow, while protecting the prince Asahi’s foot slipped sending them down a cliff together and falls into a state of amnesia.

Playboy uke2, who’s friend of both uke1 and moneylusting seme2 is shocked when couple1 is crama. Will his subordinate Kuramoto be able to light his fire again by saying, “try me”?

kneichi However, once arriving he meets the chef cook he never thought would see again. Masashi is a handsome, charismatic top host famous for being unmoved by anyone.

Passionate Young Man Released: What’s the Captain’s catchphrase? LJ banner by CCvanilla0.