Plotted up at Amnesia on Tuesdays, the Brum club has definitely been one of the success stories so far. It’s the same style as the UFO track and I always play them together. The fact that Westwood and Newman were shot at such close range, but not killed, perhaps suggests that the gunman wanted to injure rather than murder them. But dismiss any notion of this being an E-led movement. For a mainstream film, the club scenes are pretty realistic, leaning towards the UV-heavy candy raver side of things think Gatecrasher meets Bugged Out , with Leftfield providing the soundtrack highlights. The soft brushy percussion, big bassline and dreamy keyboards all give this a great watery feel. While ‘The Breaks’ covered obvious classics like ‘Apache’, here Pogo’s crate-digging goes a lot deeper. Cooler than the cat’s personal cucumber collection, only a few were ever made and they’re worth more than the entire GDP of most third world countries.

They’ve got a devious sense of mischief. Making a gently funky chill out album doesn’t seem to prove all that much of a challenge. Don’t knock him, at least he didn’t do the opposite. Which would mean no more lugging record bags around, because you’d simply download all your tracks from hard disk into the machine. Try clamping a few more works. The Aftermath At 1 1 pm you can head off to a club, play bongos with hippies in the Tiergarten or bring your own sound system and pump out techno in the street, vowing never to take the piss out of Germans again. She subsequently left him for a thinner bloke.

Bassman Alkateeb — Hobe Alak.

You see, you get drugs men who’ve made 60 grand upwards and now they want to invest it in something more legitimate like promotion. They cart constr uct snarling darkcore speed garage such as ‘Big Pecker’, but the Dick Van Dyke across-the-roof tops lullaby of ‘Stars ,opmix Sunday’ is whatyou’ll be returning to time and again, That, or the gruff balladry of ‘Nicola’, orthe wavos- lapplng acappella of ‘ No Return’.


In a break with telcharger, Bone Thugs ‘N’ Harmony’s Flesh ‘N’ Bone is arrested by police, not for possession of a gun, but for having several sticks of dynamite! Morocco Caftan people Artistes marocains Festival de film international de Marrakech tapis rouge. Dance music Is the exception, where the apple pie addicts showed us how it was done and we followed faithfully in their footsteps. Visions Of Shiva Forget what we just said. Zeus and co must surely have given their seal of approval.

Haybat Albadr — Halale.

And to top it all, it’s their 1 00th release too. It’s an ethnic percussive track with a smooth beat and beautiful voices, almost screams, on top. Hamish Brawn, Steven Double.


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His re-rub of Gary Numan’s anthemic ‘Cars’ wasn’t bad. Somebody get him his slippers and let the new breed of DJs take us into the new millennium. This will make you cry. According to news broadcasts there arc 1. I also capable up the Plain Cloth tutorial books there for pocket.


There s a multiplayer game, and Ubisoft won t let you like it. Two yeais later, the Van Dyks moved to East Berlin. Way Out West’s Jody Wisternoff has been at the forefront of the trance revolution -this mix throws in some useful break-trance grooves too.

Anyway, the numbers were as follows: One of the founders of Mayday. Although it accepts that the existence of so many different bodies may.

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Embraces quality trance, both Euro and psychedelic, on his Perfecto imprints. Hip hop suffers its first major sstreaming. They’ve marketed this for the kids but you’ll be instantly hooked in a Mario-type 3D world where experimental chimps need slapping back into captivity.

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