A better review later! What does he end up doing? Without this ending, this book would have received maybe 1 or 2 stars from me, but the ending brought back the Isobelle Carmody of old that made me fall in love with the series in the first place. However I could not give this book any higher score. Yes, the plot was very slow, especially the whole pages in habitat and midland an interesting plot but not enough relevance to the quest , which went on for way too long credit to Elspeths “gnawings” however after arriving at Redport, I couldn’t put it down with the incentive that I would soon get answers to the growing list of questions perpetrating my mind. Instead, the killing of BOT happened so quickly and was done with an ease which I did not think equated to the scale of her quest and the incredible amount of preparation she underwent. I don’t know how I feel about this.

Council law and the Herder Faction gradually fused, and came to depend on each other. For the longest time, Elspeth has been like a larger-than-life figure for me, a mythological heroine, a close relative about whose exploits you hear, wide-eyed and in awe. The Herders believed that Lud, their name for God, sent the Great White as punishment for a materialistic society. December 19, at At the beginning of the first book in the series, Obernewtyn , Elspeth is named a Misfit and is sent to Obernewtyn, a place run by people who claim to investigate the Misfits and look for a cure to their abilities. Elspeth herself thinks on how it feels more like being on a guild quest at points, and I felt that as the reader. Especially since the whole series covers a period of around 5 years.

In addition, the animals of Obernewtyn have formed the Beast Guild. She brings forward so many truths about life we should always be more wary of. Reaching the end of this series is harder than finishing Harry Potter, say, because of how young I was when I began, and how long it’s taken to write the series. At the end it’s like, then Chinaka and Tiban decided not to fight anymore and then I woke up cagmody end. Dragon comes of age beautifully and for people who like animals more than people the book is strong on that as well.

The elusive Twentyfamilies’ Gypsiesand half-blooded gypsies, also play an important role in the political and social struggles of The Land.


I read these books as a teenager originally and loved them.

As Elspeth cynically but rightly points out and I’ve lost the quote, sorrycomputer programs are only as good as the humans that write them – mistakes and flaws can be written in, and since humans are inherently flawed, it’s to be expected. For the most part, Elspeth is wary of the Beforetime technology they encounter, such as God, the impressive computermachine that runs Habitat, camrody its two ‘andrones’, the silver men.

That was the part I was most looking forward to and it just fizzed and died!

The Red Queen

Full of romance, sybopsis, and suspense, The Red Queen is a worthy finale to such a breathtakingly elaborate series. In addition to her young-adult novels, such as the Obernewtyn Chronicles and Alyzon Whitestarr, Isobelle’s published works include several middle-grade fantasies. I was genuinely hoping for a good ending and You can tell she did not have the ending organised before she finished writing it and it was finished in a mad rush to get it done. It slows the flow of the story right down, especially when she is thinking over the same thing over and over which I suppose is quite a realistic way of describing a natural worrier’s thought process, but it’s pretty annoying to read.

Her Talent enables her to resist it, as she is deemed an anomaly.

Obernewtyn Chronicles – Wikipedia

So you will find below spoilers for the first part, and a lot of random babbling by me. But within the first few chapters, I fhe a little piece of me die. How could the block have been maintained when he took Lidgebaby away.

For someone who loves post-apocalyptic stories as I do, the section on Habitat which is, no denying, extremely length, it was far longer than I expected it to be was extremely interesting.

Plus I feel like when you get towards the end and are view spoiler [ getting a little teary over the death of a computer you know it’s a good book. They vision at carkody moments and act accordingly. In fact, I spent much of the book remembering what I loved so much about the first few books.

Jul 12, WatermeLoonie marked it as to-read. There were typos throughout the last 3 books and a couple of times the wrong character name was used.


Elspeth herself thinks on how it feels more like being on a guild quest at points, and I felt that as the reader. And as for the other characters, it was great to read them all over again. Most of it was erd.

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I most definitely did not feel that dragging Elspeth needlessly away from the people she loved yet again was any sort of reward, and it was so horrendously rushed even for an epilogue. Having read the whole series again before reading the Red Queen, the incredible scale carmoxy her quest led me to expect a massive conclusion that would blow me away and leave me with full knowledge of everything that was presented as vague and unclear throughout.

It is rare that I can read over pages with so many characters and not complain about either of those things. I remember reading the first book thinking that it’s okay. I know we’ve been taunted before with release dates but this seems promising – Penguin Australia website says the same date!!

Okay, here we go. I only started a few years ago when I was twelve, so even though I consider myself quite lucky in comparison to others who waited near three decades for the conclusion of these books, I was impatient for the conclusion of the series.

Nov 24, Cate rated it it was ok. I remember the mystery etc.

Got it out of the way. The Herders believed that Lud, their name for God, sent the Great White as punishment for a materialistic society. I enjoyed Daemons, Swallow and Ana’s character development thoroughly, though I thought that Dragons’ character development took a backwards twist, I felt that I got more development from Tash the speci character we met in habitat than from the Red Queen herself.

Why was Lidgebaby stalking Elspeth on the dreamtrails years prior? I know one thing — I finished this book and immediately wanted to start it from the beginning again.