The BOLT upgrade method is similar to the Roamio and it is refreshing to see that TiVo persisted with this allowing this simple procedure. Expand then expands that copy on the new disk to fill all of the available space so giving us the larger recording capacity. Also there is RPM. This can be fairly easily removed using a sharp knife and a hairdryer. We are essentially crossing our fingers here that any bad sectors on the failing disk are inside recorded shows rather than the TiVo’s actual system software – this the most likely case since the shows take up For that reason, most TiVo problem is related to hard drive failure.

Most disk copies fail when they encounter a bad sector so it is critical to do this in a way that ignores and unreadable sectors. In this case the GB drive, the TiVo original, is drive sda while the upgrade drive a GB drive in this example is sdb. Updated 3rd July – Add note about external drive options. With this version and perhaps newer versions? That said while an SSD should work it must be noted that, unlike a regular computer the TiVo is writing to the drive 24 hours a day. While not necessarily optimum for a desktop PC for a TiVo these properties are perfect since TiVo never really stresses the drives performance. If you are using Windows 10 also tick the “Run this program in compatibility mode for:

Next attach the original TiVo drive to the first SATA port and the new drive to the second SATA port It is not critical that they be on these specific ports since we will be given a menu to choose from in the drive upgrade program.

Approximate Manufacture Dates, – Default capacity from the procedure above will be about HD hours or so. However, you can add up to 2TB of external drive using our upgrade kit. If that does not work you can also get it herebut I encourage you to try to register to download it from the TiVo community thread first in case there have been any updates.

The rate shows the copy rate in kB per sec.


Remove the link and just link to the file directly so no registration is needed. At this point the program will present you with a list of available drives in the computer.

TiVo Premiere XL Series4 Tivo Xl4 Hard Drive Size

This requires purchase of a 2. The common denominator appears to be that they are running software version Expand then expands that copy on the new disk to fill all of the available space so giving us the larger recording capacity. Warning Disclaimer While I have used this procedure numerous times without problems to upgrade all versions of TiVo hardware you use these instructions at your own risk! When you get to the first step of guided setup unplug your Tivo Roamio.

Note this will not preserve any shows and you will be required to repeat guided setup. This takes about 5 to 10 minutes depending on your hardware.

Hence you will need something bigger than this. This will mean you will lose hrd recordings on your 4TB drive. Linux Boot CD Method: Note you often need to press ‘Del’ or F2 at the initial power on screen to get into the bios settings.

Tivo Xl4 Hard Drive Size

You can either wait 30 seconds for things to continue or dive the space bar to continue. It’s hard to find new smaller hard drives, and GB is cheaper to buy now days, so most people buy GB drive and use GB of it.

This can cause problems if you move a hard drive from one Tivo to another. Finally if you have any comments, suggestions, come across any problems or have any questions please feel free to contact me at the email address above. For those with expensive unit lifetime subscriptions this will help you breathe even better. Add note about new Virgin Media TiVos. Most brands have date stamp on the hard drive. Trending Tag Cloud new lgbt flag emoji baby sale at walmart a star is born is based off of who is the flyers game still on exchange rate in nigeria chuys national margarita day specials robert kraft prostitution arrest brielle and michael breakup england versus west indies what happened with jordyn woods and kylie jenner purdue vs iu basketball record what movies are nominated for best picture lakers vs rockets reddit new gmail on android queen to play at oscars wgc mexico championship odds who went home on survivor everything leaving netflix in march reddit jazz vs thunder pokemon go shiny clamperl green eggs and ham movie kkk rally at ole miss celtics vs bulls live stream free nascar picks for atlanta did ti sister passed away anti lgbt flag emoji little mix brits performance.


Updated 29th Mar – Thank you to Ronny Nussbaum for grammatical and other minor fixes.

Of course you do not gain any of the power saving advantages of replacing the dribe disk and you have to hide the external drive somewhere but this is an easy way to give you approximately hours additional HD recording capacity.

You can expand capacity on these models. Special offers and product promotions.

Mount the drives in your PC using the Linux method described above. Also there is RPM. Then shutdown your PC and remove the drive. You should check this has the capacity you expect for the original TiVo.

Some old PCs ship with these turned off. The difference is the removal of the -x expand option here since dive to expand an already expanded drive tivvo give you an error. With this version and perhaps newer versions? Higher RPM will give you faster performance but will run at slightly higher temperature.

If you do not have access to a machine running Windows then you can use the following method that involves ‘blessing’ your new hard drive prior to inserting it in the TiVo Roamio using a bootable CD or USB pen drive Image.

Image showing the inside of the TiVo Premiere.