Welcome To the NHK Suiri No Kizuna I really like this anime but I did find it a bit confusing but still really good to watch! Such a good anime. Lollipop So so childish and repetitive but I found it hard to stop watching so I like this! Ooshima feels a bit awkward surrounded by weird people. Vampire Knight and Hatenkou Yuugi.

Anime Dreaming , Stream Anime Movies , anime series. Sengoku Night Blood Monthly Girls’ Nozaki Kun This is nice anime to watch, it is somewhat like a reverse harem. But their powers are soo koool! Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Well a half of a episode. People keep on trampling on his feelings.

Plus Ryoma Echizens Voice. Still can’t decide on the love-triangle though. Here are my current favorites: Kaze no Stigma 3.

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Had me at the edge of my seat at some parts and got some surprises at parts too. A reverse Harem anime. AnimeAnime EpisodesKaibugsu-kun Anime. There are LOTS of things to be tackled, with only three episodes left. Watch Bleach Onlineanime moviesanime series. Its not too bad to watch. Kanadegumi 1 episode long.


Tonari no kaibutsu-kun episode 2 animewaffles

My first anime was air. The Animation Ova Pending The main character did seem a bit over powered though but it was not too bad to watch. English Subbed and English Dubbed Streaming.

It might seem childish, but it is really good and funny! Such a good anime. Hope there will be a next season.

K project Bleach Fairy Tale And many more! It was not too bad to watch compared to the other reverse harem animes that I have seen before.

I think his voice is the only reason I watched til the end A warning that season one is quite a bit better than season two though but the ending is not too bad. It is light-hearted episkde serious too.

Ooshima feels a bit awkward surrounded by weird people. Really liked this anime! That made Yamaken snapped. Shizuku tells him tonafi she loves him and he can trust her.

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Watch Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu. Its quite funny and sad in some scenes. HopefullyTime and patience is all I need to make this blog nicer. Attack on Titan 3. Renaissance Reverse Harem and the main girl isn’t always needing saved! Natsume confronted Yamaken and asked him to stay away from Shizuku and Haru. The ending just stops halfway so seems like there will be a second season maybe.


The ending wasn’t that good though.