The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Confessional “We’ll do it her way,” Rodney said. She’s totally right” Dave interrupted. I have some dirt on my hands but no big deal. He also has eighteen new contestants. Leonard picks up a pipe from the junk pile and holds it above his head. But I won’t” Daryl said.

Rodney inches away from Shawn and turns to his left. The only thing I could really do with him was send him home first. Topher continues to run around the blimp looking for Chris. Mountain of Mediocrity It’d save a lot of time” Chris said. He makes a weird face and then coughs it up. So, Uh, This is My Team 2.

He wore a blue jacket with a white shirt underneath and tan slacks. Most people actually” End Confessional “Just listen to my plan,” Jasmine said. Topher bumps into Sugar. Give a part of it to my sister, buy a house in Italy, an apartment in NYC, invest the rest and use it to travel. Dorothy is a girl of about average height and totaal relatively good shape. So if we’re flying at the recommended feet he would hit the ground in three minutes pahkitw six seconds” The camera pans over to Rodney watching them.

I think its legs are still moving” Amy said in disgust. Her Total Drama character, Ella, is already a fan favourite following the recent Italian premiere.

Beardo raises his hand. And you convinced your team to build something really stupid”. I mostly added them to test my skill as a writer. Follow us to the awkwardly located pile of scraps for more information” The teams follow Chris and Blaineley over to a large pile of junk. Back with Team Maskwak Leonard has finished his wizard tower. And if you’re not you’re crazy” Shawn said. He draa it and then pops it into his mouth.


Second Confessional “How could a wizards tower not win? Third Confessional Beardo mimes driving a car and then draama a crashing sound effect. In order to post comments, please tottal sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Rodney looks at Shawn “Wow, that girl has some real brains” Rodney said.

Beardo is hit in the crotch by a tennis ball. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Dave backs away pahkjtew Leonard. I feel like I’m flying” Phoebe cheered.

Is she out of her mind? Oh who am I kidding of course I do” Sugar takes a piece of paper out of her pocket. Back by team Kinosewak’s tree stump, Phoebe runs over to Jasmine.

Meanwhile, up on a cliff, Chef is shooting at the teams. A loud explosion is heard and the blimp goes into a nose dive.

Just a bit quiet” End Confessional Dave is trying to dodge tennis balls. The Late Night Zone 7. And your sound effects aren’t as charming as you think they are” Chris said. Scarlett raises her hand.

It is a sequel to some of my previous Total Drama Fanfics. End Confessional Rodney is looking for wood while Amy and Sammy guard the wheelbarrow. Who’s the next human cannon ball? Beardo is inside the cannon. Back on drwma ground, Chris is watching everything through binoculars.


Pahktew Maskwak go and hide behind a rock. Team Maskwak will build their shelter further inland. Phoebe pulls the cord on her parachute activates.

He grabs a can of soup of and runs back toward his team.

The Voice Behind The Cartoon: Total Drama’s Ella

I knew that Chris wouldn’t let pahkitww biggest fan die! Confessional “In my mind, I’m always running from zombies. How are you not hurt? My parents were hippies, of course and they smoked a lot of pot.

Elsewhere in the scrap heap, Scarlett is pulling a wagon full of wood planks. Max falls over in pain.

The Voice Behind The Cartoon: Total Drama’s Ella – UrbanMoms

She’s totally right” Dave interrupted. That was close” Jasmine said. So long Beardo” Chris presses a button on his remote and Crama is launched out of the cannon. That one made you smarter” “Oh um The ground starts shaking. He also had a cleft chin. He’d be flat as a pancake in two minutes” Scarlett walks over to them.

Cut to Team Maskwak where it’s revealed that the construction noises are coming from Beardo.