Once inside, they find the Heart of Hades in the hands of a Jaryuu who dies using it to revive an old enemy of the Boukengers: Suddenly, Ahim and Nashida are confronted by Action Commander Zaggai, who is tracking down Poisole – a special metal which produces a neurotoxin once charged with electricity. Attempting to clear up the incident, Nashida finds himself listening to Captain Marvelous’s death threat for taking one of his crew. However, Elder is batted away to oblivion with the Gokai Bat as Younger attempts to avenge his big brother before being destroyed by Deka Gokaioh. The Gokaigers tell Gai who Basco is, but he immediately recognizes Hyuuga. Intending to return it, the Gokaigers have Gokaioh throw it into space towards the Zangyack fleet, taking out more of the ships in the process, before forming Gao Gokaioh to finish Yokubarido.

With it being his last fortune, Navi’s only clue is saying “a ninja is playing hide and seek”, which makes no sense to the Gokaigers. Using the power of the Carrangers – at Kyosuke’s insistence, the Gokaigers counter Jerashid’s fire-based attacks with the unorthodox Gokai Kurumagic Attack while Kyosuke tries to distance himself from the love-crazy Insarn. But when Gokai Silver is unable to break through Arumadon’s barrier, the Gokaigers take over to target the weak spot on Arumadon’s collar. After Gai explains that the Gingamen protected Earth from a band of space pirates, Doc expresses worry while Gai admits he has no idea where the Ginga Forest actually is. With this knowledge, Joe laments that he cannot save his friend, as Joh eases his pain by telling of his own tribulations of fighting his own friends and how he intends not to let history repeat itself, and that even if he can only rescue his soul, he would be able to save him. She finally relinquishes her guilt and returns with Asuka to Dino Earth to begin their lives anew, returning to Earth at the end of Dekaranger vs. By sunset, Shota manages to fulfill his promise with Daigo as they watch the shooting stars with the Gokai Galleon crew looking on. Abaranger and Abaranger vs.

Wanting Kyosuke, Insarn asks Action Commander Jerashid to capture him, unaware that Jerashid has been in love with her since high school. Suddenly, they are enveloped by a blinding light and before them appear Takayuki Hiba of Sun Vulcan, Sho Hayate of the Changemen, Dai of the Flashmen, Akira of the Maskmen, and Remi Hoshikawa of the Fivemen who reveal that they have watched over the Gokaigers during their travels and thus consider them worthy of their Great Powers.

She decides to let Ninjaman guide the Gokaigers on their way before she leaps off into the rising moon in the horizon.

This article needs additional citations for verification. When Buramudo is enlarged, Gokaioh is formed to stop him abarangsr manually launching one of the Subterranean Missiles, taking out some of the Zangyack fleet in the process. The pirates leave, leaving Bomper and the Engines behind while promising to come back for Machalcon after handling things on Earth.


However, to Luka’s dismay, she to look after Komaki, thrown out of her room after seeing a tattered rabbit doll and tossing it into a waste basket. While searching to no avail, they come across a student in a black school uniform who claims to know where the Treasure is. Card Game [ edit ] 10 “Card Game” Transcription: A dedicated pianist, in the finale he tells Emiri to remain cheerful.

Suddenly, Ahim and Nashida are confronted by Action Commander Zaggai, who is tracking down Poisole – a special metal which produces a neurotoxin once charged with electricity. After learning the contents of the file, Joe asks Joh to find a way to reverse the process.

During their battle with the enlarged Chirakashizky, the Gokaigers try to use the Great Power of the Go-ongers, but they are surprised when nothing happens.

Watcy Gai’s copy of Haruhiko Aoyama’s Book of Legendsepisoee Gokai Galleon crew search for the entrance to the Wagch Forest and find themselves walking in circles before Hyuuga suddenly bursts out of the Ginga Forest’s invisible barrier, followed by Basco and Sally.

However, Juju swallows the crystal ball to ensure that his spell over the humans continues. Hero Eligibility [ edit ] 46 “Hero Eligibility” Eppisode Later, after Gai has Nobuyuki apologize to Jerashid for treating him like a pet, Doc suggests that Jerashid should be the man’s apprentice instead. Though Basco tries to waver his resolve by revealing that Aka Red is from Earth and was gathering the Ranger Keys just to bring them to his home world to protect it, he sees Captain Marvelous will not budge from his dream nonetheless and accepts the challenge, acknowledging him as Captain Marvelous.

This explanation about the cameo appearances of Gokaigers as take place during the events of Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs.

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However, Machalcon is a reckless troublemaker who spends his time racing around in the Machine World rather than helping out his parents. Kruger tells the Gokaigers they can now use Great Power of the Dekarangers. Yatsude Japanese Fatsiaplus “telephone” and “crocodile” is a powerful Trinoid who was apparently killed by Abare Killer before he could do any harm.

After he introduces himself and his wife, EmiriYukito states that he is impressed with Ahim’s “Abare” fighting style, and also tells the Gokaigers that Mikoto Nakadai failed to mention that the Abaranger Keys’ power can also be used by Gokaioh.

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger — But Gokai Silver’s excitement of being back in action leaves him open to Zakyura’s vomit counterattack, canceling his transformation and making him drop his Gokai Cellular.

Thirty minutes later, everyone enjoys delicious food to Doc’s dismay as he begins to become more insecure overtime. Nanonanoda enters the mansion and managed to bypass the security system until Luka notice Komaki watching him, causing the Action Commander to accidentally activate the system and forced to run out.

Though Captain Marvelous offers to help him, Kruger refuses to trust the pirate as he leaves him behind to stop the missile launch regardless of aharanger injuries. The five main Gokaigers then change into different silver-colored warriors to weaken Osogain before Gokai Silver destroys him with the Gokai Supernova Final Wave.


Though Gai tries to talk him into leaving, Shota refuses while revealing the full story behind his promise with Daigo as Joe allows the boy to pass to Gai’s dismay.

Doc’s courage in the face of danger enables them to perform the binding “Magi Magi Go Gokai” spell to hold the Action Commander at bay while they use the Ozu siblings’ signature final attacks to defeat Salamandam along with their own Gokai Blast Final Wave attack. Though they overpowered in every way, with Machalcon being their last Great Aabranger left to fight episodw, the Gokaigers’ intent to see their abarangef through causes the Gokaiger Keys to glow. By that time, having Navi analyze his Gokai Saber for Juju’s mind-altering dart, Gokai Red and the others find the Action Commander’s base and they attempt to destroy the crystal ball he is using to control people.

But in a gambit, Ahim ends up taking the two’s blows as she manages to snap Gokai Green and Gokai Silver out of their madness. However, the entire event was staged as “Cain” is actually Action Commander Vannine, using his power to assume Luka’s form while keeping her captive along with the real Cain.

Having been watching them from afar, Kenta sees Sally on the campus and follows the monkey into the forest. Although she likes Ryoga, after commending the Abaranger for their bravery she leaves with the BakuLaser. He lost his wife and child on Dino Earth to the Evolien, and urges Ryoga to be a good father figure for Mai; in the finale, he tells Epiisode that if he and Mai are unhappy he would return for them.

However, catching on with their heat sensors, Goujyujin cripples Vannine before Hurricane Gokaioh destroys watcg with the Shushutto Shuriken Chain. As the Bakuryu attack Tokyo, a distress call was sent to three humans with “Dino Guts” to tame each of the three Bakuryu.

The pirates then take their leave as Gai tries to talk them into sticking around for episore with Kenta. The time has come for the Gokaigers to confront Basco Ta Jolokia to claim the five remaining Avaranger Powers in his possession.

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First he confronts Basco Ta Jolokia to his cause, reminding him he didn’t kill the Gokaigers when he had the abarangfr. Ranru is interested in anything mechanical and can build her own devices. The Secret Operation” Transcription: