With no information on hand, Nina informs her that the only one who could use divination to find her mother is a legendary Rank 1 Urara living in Bloque 1, which is off-limits to low ranking Uraras. While escaping from the captain of the 10th Bloque Patrol Unit, Saku Iroi, Chiya meets two other girls, Kon Tatsumi and Koume Yukimi, who have both come to Meirocho to become Urara apprentices at the Natsume-ya teahouse where Chiya was also summoned to. Kon suspects this may have been a voice from the gods, with both girls promising to become Rank 1 Urara. Staff aired in Japan between January and March Flying Witch Food Wars! November 27, [6].

Staff aired in Japan between January and March Retrieved from ” https: December 27, [6]. Retrieved November 16, Chiya explains that she came to Meirocho to look for her mother, despite knowing pretty much nothing about her. Afterwards, Chiya explains how she got her fear of having her hair cut, wanting to learn more about her friends.

As Chiya ends up with a cold as a result, Kon starts to ponder if Chiya has the ability to see gods, feeling a eng,ish of jealousy that Nina states is normal.

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Holland Youth Shin Megami Tensei: However, when a rumor about a witch spreading an illness around town began, Marie was forced to return to France, leaving Koume with her hat and broom, along with a determination to become the most powerful witch in the country. Not wanting to spend a year away from Urara training, Chiya faces against Benten in a dice gamble, managing to waive the debt and return with their errand.

Retrieved December 16, As their search leads well into the night, the girls remain determined to protect Nono by the time midnight comes. As the girls follow Koume’s pendulum around town, Saku, worried about what they are up to, disguises herself to follow them, getting mistaken for a handsome man.


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December 27, [6]. Battle Vixens R.

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Finale Maid Sama! Where can i watch kodocha episode 80 eng sub online? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Following various trails, the wwatch manage to find their missing items behind a waterfall, with Nina revealing she had taken them there to be purified before the girls move out of the Natsumeya to study in the Ninth District.

Where to watch WGM Nickhun eng sub? Retrieved February 4, Believing that roge power she borrowed from Chiya was the ability to see gods, Kon fears that she may have committed the taboo of using divination to witness a god’s true form and could lose her Urara powers as a result. Where can you watch shugo chara episode 45 with eng subs?

Staff aired in Japan between January and March As Nono expresses how she doesn’t want to stay in Nina’s shadow, Chiya adds her own mole on her as a good luck charm.

This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat Merge this question into. Chiya explains that she came to Meirocho to look for her mother, despite knowing pretty much nothing about her. Where can you watch mermaid melody pure episode 34 subbed? An anime television series by J. During the festival, Chiya gets drunk off the smell of alcohol and starts releasing pheremones affecting both animals and the other girls.


As the girls try to pkre ancient incantations, Nono recalls one incantation from a lullaby Nina and her mother used to sing for her, deciding to put the other incantations into song to both memorize them and improve her confidence. Retrieved November 16, Would you like to merge this question into it? Staff aired in Japan between January 5, and March engilsh, Joined by three other Urara trainees, Koume, Kon, and Nono, Chiya aims to become the highest ranked Urara in order to enlist the help of the legendary Urara and find her mother.

As the girls try to find a way to avert this calamity, Chiya suggests that they search for barberries ruge use for a protective charm. The girls participate in the Rank 9 Promotional Exam, in which they must they must compete with other teams to retrieve a key from inside a labyrinth.

Retrieved January 6, Were can i watch attacker you eng subbed? Where can you watch kimikiss Englsih Rouge dub? While attempting the fortune, Chiya hears a voice calling her, leading to her hair getting singed. Where can you watch mermaid melody pure episode 32 subbed?

While lost somewhere in Meirocho, Chiya is rescued from a swindler by a Rank 2 Urara named Tokie, who offers to take her back to Natsume-ya. Later, Chiya gets her hair stuck in Koume’s shirt button, with both girls refusing to cut either to get free.