They manage to sneak the fifteen-year-old Princess Tara out now going by ” Terra ” , but go back to rescue the other metahuman kids. While the Baron is able to kidnap the trafficked children, Dick’s team is able to save Dr. Archived from the original on June 20, M’Gann discovers that the Orion impersonator is her brother, M’Comm now calling himself Ma’alefa’ak , who is trying to get the Bugs to attack the New Gods. And the Beastly Birthday Party Arthur 3: The Judas Contract Teen Titans: It details how Savage became immortal, his first encounter with Darkseid, and his first time defeating Starro.

Get Up and Dance Shadow Skill: Meanwhile, Dick meets with Brion to update him on Tara, as he grows more impatient and demands immediate action. Movie English Dubbed Blame! Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines Bilal: Due to Young Justice: In January , Cartoon Network had meetings with potential clients and promotional partners in which they announced their —14 programming lineup with Young Justice being absent.

Adventures in Slumberland Little Nemo: Days later, the King and Queen of Markovia announce their plans to help end metahuman trafficking, but are assassinated by a metahuman; placing Markovia under martial law with the Queen’s brother, Baron DeLambserving as Regent until the eldest son, Crown Prince Gregor, turns He soon learns that the armada is being controlled by Starro watchcartooonline goes to face his ancient foe.


Young Justice Season 2 Episode 8 Satisfaction

Barney’s Super Singing Circus Barney: The Lost Dragon Tom and Jerry: She and Victor fight, and she uses her violet aura to cleanse him of the alien tech’s influence before transporting them both back to Happy Harbor. Retrieved September 7, — via Twitter. Sparkles Paddington Paddington 2 Watchcartoohonline

A Howl-iday Adventure Alpha and Omega 3: Bedtime with Elmo Sesame Street: Seuss on the Loose Dr. Sotsugyou Shashin Part 2: The Lost Empire Attack on Titan: Retrieved January 10, Archived from the original on July 31, Flower Power Care Bears: Mask of the Phantasm Batman: Jace that he tested positive for the meta-gene. The Meltdown Ice Dragon: Chasing Ghosts Marvel Rising: The Desert Princess and the Pirates: An Animated Epic Daredevil vs.

Young Justice Season 2 Episode 9 Darkest. Curse of the Lake Monster Scooby-Doo! Unbeknownst to her, Ocean Master has leased the house across the street to observe them; planning watchcargoononline killing everyone in the West family home to eliminate the next generation of heroes out of revenge.

O English Dubbed Gantz: Wonder Woman criticizes the others for their covert actions, fearing that they may be starting to cross the line. Archived from the original on November 21, Spell of the Unknown Pokemon Movie 4: Archived from the original on July 22, Celery Night Fever VeggieTales: Reflections English Subbed Fullmetal Alchemist: Best Manners – Invitation to Fun Barney: Young Justice Episode 22 Agendas.


The Movie English Dubbed Sinbad: Rion English Dubbed Galerians: The Magical Rescue FernGully: Halo, experiencing a memory of being mistreated by the Markovians, denies this and proclaims her name is “Violet”; a name Brion had given her after seeing her violet healing aura.

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Curse of the Speed Demon Scooby-Doo! Hana no Miyako de Fashion Show However, after he departs, Forager reveals he had shed eisode exoskeleton to fool Lobo. Go to Paris the Movie Bratz: Young Justice Episode 13 Alpha Male.

The Outsiders go on a covert mission to Greater Bialya to raid a metahuman trafficking depot, now known to be run by Granny Goodness and where Tara is being held.