The anime series ends with Kashino and Ichigo running together hand in hand with Johnny and Miya going after them to go and pursue their dreams. Kashino, Hanabusa and Andoh decide to make Ichigo the model, as they did not have the time to choose another. After, during a tea-time celebrating their win, Hanabusa kisses Ichigo on the cheek. Each team has to choose one representative. Thanks to the help from their friends, Ichigo and the others are slowly catching up to Oujou and Johnny despite the overwhelming difference of sales. The battle results in a tie but Johnny admits that they actually lose. They both confess, saying they both won’t say it now, but later when they progress during Professional.

After that, Ichigo receives a call from Henri-sensei, saying that he’s opening a Marie’s Garden in London. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While everyone else heads home for New Year’s break, Ichigo stays behind at school to practice. The anime series ends with Kashino and Ichigo running together hand in hand with Johnny and Miya going after them to go and pursue their dreams. Ichigo, Kashino, and Andou are easily able to come up with their pound cakes. NSFW in this case, refers to ecchi.

Comments containing just links with no text will usually be removed, unless they’re an answer to another comment. Kashino, who made rum raisin, Andoh who made pistachio, Hanabusa who made peach, and sakura sea salt they three succeed into making with some of Ichigo’s ideas. Ichigo and the others are called by Henri-sensei to go to New York to help Mari with her shop, as her business is doing poorly.

On the day of the competition, Team Ichigo yumdiro to beat Team Ricardo’s doughnuts by one point. When they decide on a Sachertorte, the King of all Chocolate Cakes, Ichigo pulls an all-nighter to think of a design for the cake which creates love. Spoilers – Do not post them! Lists of anime episodes. These shortcuts only works with our main server and external servers that support the standard.

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Yume kara, Samenai

Will Kashino return to Team Ichigo like their beliefs? He then gets frustrated and runs away, but Ichigo follows him. Team Ichigo initially yumeifo trouble deciding what to make, but soon come up with an idea. Heiress claimed that if her team won, Kashino will have to marry her on the spot. The theme for the first round of the main tournament of the Cake Grand Prix is “elegance” and Team Ichigo is up against Team Tachibana, a group of girls known as the gogoanike Girls” for only using organic and non-artificial ingredients.

The old dirty spoon that Ichigo was given to when she went to the Sweets Kingdom shines. The judges know that one team has cheated by the talk they are having during the competition.

Ichigo, Ichita and the gang go to see the circus’ performance, where Ichita spots a blonde girl performing. Student Takao is inexorably drawn toward Sao despite class rumors that she has appeared in a porno movie.

Henri-sensei announces that the first shops on street one are going to open within the week and the owners are from different countries allowing different types of sweets to surface. In the first round of the Cake Grand Prix, Group A is up against a group of third-year boys and a girl who have their sweets featured in Salon de Marie.

Vanilla gets upset as well and claims that she will no longer be her partner. When she and her group hear his story about his lost love seven years prior, they decide to help him have a Merry Christmas.

Kashino tells her to calm down and just make sweets that make people happy, because that’s ggogoanime she’s good at.

While playing with the farm animals, Caramel is chased by a calf and gets lost. Ichigo makes a dessert, containing both spinach and carrot yyumeiro neither Ichita nor Ameli enjoyed it.

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Archived from the original on February 1, A circus group from France is coming to perform near Andou’s home, and Ichita wants to go see it. Hanabusa and Andou help them to set up their shop and create some new sweets. As usual, Team Tenouji are amazing but Team Ichigo has trouble. Gogoaanime she goes to the meeting place, she finds that Johnny, Kashino, and Lemon all got the same letter.


No goggoanime is allowed in any case. Ichigo looks through her grandma’s notebook but her strawberry tart recipe has been completely erased.

Upset that she made her friends mad, she runs back home without telling anyone. The battle results in a tie but Johnny admits that they actually lose.

After hearing Ichigo’s story about her first meeting with Henri-sensei and about her grandmother, Tennouji reveals her past and her relationship with Henri-sensei and makes her battle declaration. Marron comes from the Sweets Kingdom to find a partner. The two teams battle it out to see who wins.

Yumeiro Patissiere Episode 25 English Subbed at gogoanime

The second season has not yet been released to DVD in Japan. Marron becomes interested in her and they become partners. On Christmas Eve, the battle will be decided by Christmas Cake. They pass easily through the Powder Desert and the Milky Lake, but when they reach the Baum Forest, they find themselves in a mystery. To their surprise, the Japanese sweet shop is run by Andoh with Kana and her friends as waitresses.

Team Ichigo and Team Koshiro go against each yumeirk in the Semi-Finals and Team Ichigo is confident because the battle is based on chocolate. Ichigo, with the help of Caramel and Vanilla, stays up all night the night before her showdown with the Heiress to practice making pudding. Andou and Hanabusa points out Kashino’s love toward Ichigo. Andoh’s shop is on the verge of closing down. Ichigo begins intensive training in order to create her own original Strawberry Tart recipe, but is having trouble with it.

Ichigo is worried after trying Team Natsuki’s sweets. Hanabusa turns up for a visit.